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I never officially placed this book on my “shelf” as I read the thing in a matter of a few days and am now ready to go back and start it again. I loved, loved, loved everything Stephanie Rische had to say about being an older single female in search for her mate. She takes you on her journey through a handful (or two) of blind dates and explains the lessons she learned not only from those dating experiences, but also from just living life “alone.” Stephanie is real and a straight-shooter, she understands the confusion, and angst, and frustration from unanswered prayers. She is also hilarious which is a huge bonus, and has a successful career as an editor for Tyndale House Publishers. I feel a real soul connection with Stephanie and feel we would be amazing friends if only she lived closer.

I wanted to find a book for singles that wasn’t the same old tripe I have listened to since I was 13 years old. I was on the hunt for something more authentic, something that would encourage but also shed some light on how to keep having faith in God despite feeling passed by. I Was Blind… delivered for sure. I would highly recommend this book for the demographic of singles in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties. Or for anyone who wants a better understanding of what it’s like to be single in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties!

Just because I love her so much, here’s a link to her website in case you would like to read her articles or blog posts.

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Warm Bodies has to be one of the best novels I have read in a long time. A long, long time. It was so refreshing, so original.

The idea of reading from a zombie’s point of view was enough for me to pick up the book, the writing was so creative and smooth that it made me not want to put it back down. Isaac Marion is a fantastic writer, hands down, I’m going to praise him to any of my literary snob friends. Even if you aren’t into zombies (which I’m not sure how you couldn’t be!) this is still a book worth reading. It’s not extremely graphic or gory, does it have it’s moments? Well yes, of course, it’s about dead humans eating humans… but it’s short-lived and not what the story revolves around either.

I’m not sure if Marion meant to have some deeper meaning behind his plot line, but there is a lot to be analyzed. In his story people were decaying before they turned dead, and throughout the book they are attempting to change and come back to life. A definite correlation can be made with the way our society, our world is looking right now. The want, and need, for acknowledgement and affection is vital to our existence, it makes us better people. That’s the bottom line in this book.

I can’t say “It’s great!” enough. I wish I had thought of this idea first…

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finally finished this guy:


Holy cow what a read! I honestly did not get into it until maybe halfway through, not for lack of creative writing though. It took me at least the first three chapters to get a grasp on Heller’s way of writing, and then when I realized it was similar to my own twisted way of being random, cynical, and witty I understood it so much. Some chapters make your brain feel like fuzz, I would definitely not recommend devouring it all in one day. However, I have to say it was probably one of the best books I have read and I can see why it has been praised. Heller makes you purposefully feel lost, switching from one character to the next, because I am sure that is how those poor men felt during the war. He’s a genius I tell you!

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So I finished this book by Ray Hughes. It was placed on my “Bookshelf” a little while ago. It took me all of maybe three days to read through it. Honestly I will probably read through it again, there was so much information packed into it. Here it is:

Ray Hughes has a goal to help release creative persons into their ministries. So this book is definitely part of that. He focuses on the seven Hebrew words for praise. I know most people would find such a study boring but I find words fascinating so I ate it up. I am hoping that some day in my future I’ll be a worship leader, I also have a desire to discover everything I possibly can while on this Earth about worship. The two have to go hand-in-hand. If anything this book offers a glimpse that God created worship to be so much deeper than what we can imagine, which to me is exciting.

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I haven’t done much reviewing (slap my hand now) so I thought I would put up some of the artists that I have been listening to non-stop. I can become quite obsessed with music… if you click on any of the following it will take you to a video for you to listen to. Mmm music.

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One of the first novels I’ve picked up in a long time and had a hard time putting down. It’s not without it’s slow moments, but looking back on it now every page was needed to build up the characters and flush them out fully. Wally Lamb is a high school English teacher, so perhaps I favor him a bit for making his writer’s dream come true while maintaining an “ordinary” job. To the point though his writing is a no-nonsense style, does not include overwhelmingly dense paragraphs full of useless details, but does include an amazing way of flashing from present to past flawlessly and in a progression that allows the reader to begin piecing together the story easily. His language is somewhat vulgar at times, just to warn those who are a little sensitive to this. Overall I loved this book, and will definitely be looking into his other things.

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Finished ‘Zeitoun’ officially as of yesterday.

It’s a quick read, and different than some of Dave Eggers other novels. This can be considered a memoir, following in suit of his other pieces. The story revolves around a Muslim family pre- and post- Hurricane Katrina. The writing reminds me a lot of Hemingway, quick and straight to the point, with flashbacks and such tossed in there for fun. I would definitely recommend it, and all proceeds go to help rebuild  New Orleans, which is kind of cool if you ask me!  But, if you haven’t read Eggers yet, I would read his ‘Heartbreaking Work of a Staggering Genius’ one first! Happy reading!

(As always I’ve gone to the work of linking these to the sites, so click on them!!)

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Just read the last page of this book and I have only one word to sum it up: brilliant! Beautifully written, amazing story, and a glimpse into a culture that many don’t even know exist. It has reached the ‘must-read’ status for this English major.

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I’m in love with this song by Rogue Wave. My iPod’s (yes, this music junkie owns two) and iTunes are telling me I have listened to it exactly 55 times. Click on these lovely men to listen to it:


9 thoughts on “Reviews And Such

  1. Now I have TWO reads from you I have to get to! Also, “Room” was recommended to me and Shoes’ ma’ bought it for my birthday and I read it in one day, two sittings. I was riveted. And randomly, have you ever read anything by Atwood?

    1. Good, that’s what I shoot for, to overload other people with books so I don’t have to feel so guilty when looking at my ridiculous list! 😉
      I have read both ‘A Handmaid’s Tale’ and ‘The Blind Assassin’ (and own both!) by Atwood, she’s amazing! I feel like every paragraph she writes has been carefully analyzed and crafted so that it ends up having layers upon layers to sift through. Some people don’t like her but I personally use her as a reference when it comes to metaphors and analogies.
      I’m looking up ‘Room’ right now!

  2. I did enjoy a Heartbreaking Work but I think it sort of fell apart in the second half, he lost focus, in my opinion. I have yet to pick up a Wally Lamb book, for some reason I have it stuck in my head that they will be depressing. Am I wrong?

    1. Pretty much spot on. Best to read them if you’re already in a secure spot otherwise they may send you into a quick depression. 😉
      I’m looking for new book suggestions if you have any to give!

      1. I have not, but will look into it. I am honestly into anything, but tend to shy away from sci-fi. I’ve been trying to find something that has some humor in it, I’ve obviously gotten stuck in a rut of serious work. 🙂

      2. It appears that I don’t read funny books 🙂 Have you read the Shopaholic books, the first two are good fun. A Year in Provence? Tana French is an Irish mystery writer, her books are soooo good. I’m reading The Bridge of Sighs by Richard Russo right now.

    1. Umm… it’s not very easy to do so, which I don’t dislike! You can flip through them all at the bottom of each post, there will be an arrow that click on to go forward or backward. And then the search option on the side if you know what you are looking for!

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