Little al

My beautiful niece was born… on March 15th!

I’m a terrible aunt and just now getting to the announcement. But this way I have a few more pictures to post of her precious face.

She was dubbed Little Al on this blog, but I’m breaking the rules for just one post and revealing her real-life name as it’s in honor of my grandfather.

Cecilia – expanded from Cecil (grandpa’s middle name).

Cecilia is the patroness of musicians because it was said on the day of her marriage she sang to God within her heart and heard heavenly music. She was known to pray often and have a close relationship with the Lord. Within her lifetime she converted over four hundred people to Christianity. Two of her converts were her husband and brother-in-law who were both beheaded when asked to renounce their faith. Cecilia buried both bodies and was told she would lose her head for doing so or she could renounce her faith. She chose death refusing to worship the Roman gods.

A great historical name.

Little Al was/is definitely little. Nailed that nickname. More petite than both her brothers she’s a month old and finally weighing in at eight pounds. Brothers love and dote on her, and she has every adult family member enraptured by just watching her.

Just look at all that floral and pink. Love it.

It is my duty as Aunt Katie to spoil her with bows, shoes, and a ridiculous amount of cute clothes. (We all know we buy some of those outfits wishing they came in adult sizes… secretly wishing we would look half as adorable in them… If I could pull off a giant turban bow I’d wear one every day.)

I will introduce her to Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, Margaret Atwood, Harper Lee, Virginia Woolf, and the rest of the modern gang. 

She better like to read… but if not then on to developing her taste in music. Little Al will know what “good music” is. Maybe I can persuade her to learn the piano or better yet the guitar, and then she can teach me. 

I will teach her sarcasm, and proper grammar. She’ll know that the best way to get through life is to have a sense of humor. And she’ll learn from all the stories I’ll tell her about Sister Fierce’s childhood, focusing especially on the teen years. We’ll laugh and laugh… all while drinking coffee and eating banana cookies. 

Little Al will know that while Aunt Sister Silent might know the better makeup techniques, Aunt Katie will sneak her into concerts. And both will teach her how to survive shopping trips with Grandma Crazy Lady. 

She’s practically going to be perfect but I’ll make sure she stays humble. 


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