Dealing…aren’t we all?

I have struggled with what to blog about this past month. In light of our country’s recent events I told myself it would have nothing to do with politics. There are enough opinions floating around the inter-webs, who needs to hear my voice added to the stinky pile?


Yes, a but.

But, I feel I need to say this.

I am incredibly saddened by our country. Watching riots, reading Facebook posts, listening to the hateful, vehement protests of citizens hurled toward other citizens, my heart can’t take it all. The beauty of America is its freedom, yet the foundation of liberty and justice has suddenly been taken for granted. We relish in our “freedom of speech” and then become incredibly offended when someone’s speech is vastly different from our own. What good is smashing windows, burning flags, beating others, and spewing negativity? How quickly we have become divided, how self-righteous are we to believe our thoughts, our ideas, are the only true, and right way. We are turning blind eyes, shutting down, and that is what I am the most scared of, our country turning in on itself.

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. – Abraham Lincoln

Listen to those words folks!

I will continue to pray for wisdom, patience, and peace over the United States and for our new elected leaders. May the transition and next four years be more successful than what is anticipated.

Moving on.

The other morning I walked out of my building to head to work and a small girl trailing after her friends stopped as I came out the door, she smiled shyly at me walked a few steps then stopped and turned back. “I like your hair!” she shouted at me, then giggled and ran off to catch up with her pack. What a way to start my day!

With kids their brutal honesty can either make or break you. The Neph saw me without makeup the other night, he also giggled and ran away.

“You look weird!”

At least they keep it real. Speaking of keeping it real… (nice flowing transition here)

I have been working my way through this strange funk of mine, slowly. I’m making progress I believe, I hope. Being in the midst of holidays helps to distract, a saving grace. A friend asked how I was doing, nagged me to write a progress note of some kind, so here it is.

I’m dealing.

Aren’t we all?

It isn’t that my life is terrible. It isn’t that I’m physically suffering, or floundering in waves of depression. It has just been a season of realignment, and that isn’t always the most comfortable process. I have worked at finding new and different things to add to my daily life so I’m not lost in a perpetual routine. Meeting with friends who I normally don’t get a chance to talk to was top priority. I enjoy opening my small home and allowing for some “real talk” to happen, letting some steam be released so we know we’re not alone in feeling frustrated and sad. I’ve also been on the search for new places to play music freely, as that’s a therapy within itself. I lucked out when I was approached by a friend who wanted to gather people to play worship music monthly. Open format, no rules, no pressure, and everyone is welcome. A definite answer to prayer.

So, yeah, I’m dealing.

To kick off the Christmas season some of my family and I went to The Christmas Story musical this past weekend. It was fantastically funny, and heartwarming. I might be slightly biased as one of my favorite little piano students was in it, I had some proud moments watching her perform. Because of course she gets all her talent from me… it works like that, right?

Last year my family went to Disneyland together, and bonded over churros and Pirates. It was nice being able to do something together this year as an *almost* whole family, with an additional bonus of Aunt Sassy-Pants, Uncle Bob Ross, and cousin Miss Alice. We all sat together, which meant we pointed out the characters that most resembled our own family. Mr. Green pointed at me when this kid in goggles showed up on stage:

Image result for A Christmas Story santa

Not sure what that means…

“I like you, Santa. I like you, Santa.”

We all know how I really feel about Santa.

I have my tree up, the first batch of cookies delivered to The Neph and Lil Gil, lights in the windows, and my favorite movie ready to be watched for the 100th time!

It is officially the most wonderful time of year! Now who wants to take me out for a hot buttered rum?


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