A short post

I had some technical difficulties with my blog… as in an outdated browser and an old laptop that wouldn’t allow me to upgrade as needed. *sigh* It might be time for me to put my Macbook to permanent sleep.

Fall is upon us friends! The best time of year! I love the colors and the smells. The temps are just now starting to drop, so I can whip out my scarves without sweating my curls into frizzy knots. My Pinterest pins for baking have begun to stockpile once more, and I most definitely will not accomplish a third of them, but they sure look good on that board. I decorated my apartment and have been browsing new boots online. So, everything seems to be in order.

I’ll be in California with the whole family in T-minus  5 days! Which means Crazy Lady’s stress level is about 90% maxed out right now. We have been forbidden to mention the amount of time left until take off. “The fun does not begin until our rears are in the plane’s seats and we are in the air.” Then she will be able to breathe… or so she says. It has been so long since I have gone on a trip, the morning we leave is going to feel like Christmas. My life is a little sad. I am even looking forward to flying, which is the true sign you haven’t traveled in ages! I picked out seats next to Brother Serious on all the flights, I am positive he will love this. Positive.

My game plan is to do everything. Twice. I know this is shooting rather high, but I am determined. At the very least I need to do the Tower of Terror twice. It looks fantastic. 

I may be the most excited out of my family for Disneyland. Even more so than The Neph, however in his defense he has no idea how amazing Disneyland is yet. He celebrated his 8th birthday last week, with a pirate themed party, and he became decked out in Star Wars gear for the trip. I will have to try to catch the moment he steps into the Star Tours ride. I might be looking forward to that moment more than anything. 

The real excitement of this trip will be the bathroom situation in our rental house. Two bathrooms, nine people… mornings are going to be rough. This will be the first time in eleven years our whole family will be in one place together for longer than a day, the last time was before Sister Fierce graduated high school. I have a feeling I will be coming back with a bag full of blog stories… Or the family will throw me into the ocean and wash their hands of me at last. 

Their lives would be so boring without me. 

Now I am off to create even more lists of things I need to do, and what everyone else needs to do in the next five days. Hopefully when I return I’ll have something more to write about. 

Here’s looking at you kids. 


One thought on “A short post

  1. SO excited to hear about how your trip goes! You crack me up and I’ve missed reading about your journeys. Everything twice is very ambitious! Pace yourself and have a great time! ….and remember….

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