I want to ride my bicycle

I have been biking with Sister Silent.

I don’t own a bike.

Mr. Green owns two bikes, one of which is flashy, red and made for mountains. It is a boy bike. And that’s the one I have been riding.

Again, it is a boy bike. And as such, made for boys who are much taller than this girl. Needless to say it is not always the most comfortable ride. However, I forgot how much fun it is to ride a bicycle! Your rear is sore for days after, you swallow a meal’s worth of protien in bugs, but you are free!

I watch the hillsides for cougars as we normally go in the evenings around 7:30. I know statistically the chances of me being attacked by a cougar are a big fat zero, but I still watch my back. What if they are wanting a challenge that night? A chase? I am not going out like that…

We average around 10 miles each ride, depending on how bad the mosquitos are, we will sometimes turn around early and peddle our hineys out of the swarms. A couple weeks ago the county confirmed a mosquito was carrying the West Nile virus from the exact area we ride by. I am not going out like that either… so I use this stuff:

This has saved me from a zillion bites! Safe and effective, and smells much better than bug sprays. I highly recommend!

However, it did not save me from being stung, twice!, on a ride yesterday. By hornets, hornets guys! I about fell off my bike and cried like a baby, but pedaled through after a quick check to make sure my leg wasn’t puffing up. I am proud of my toughness.


I haven’t given much of an update on my daily happenings lately, possibly because my routine bores me and this blog is more for my entertainment. But I have been asked, surprisingly, to fill you all in on what I have been doing to occupy the hours of my day. I mentioned in my comeback post I have been keeping busy and this is very true, bike rides are a part of that, and some other things…

What fills our days more than anything else? J.O.B.S! Hooray for being employed! Work for me has been consistently busy lately.

What do you do for work, Katelyn?

Well, that is a good question reader. I don’t believe even my coworkers know exactly what I do. They know they are jealous of my office and it’s big window, with it’s big view of our valley.

See that thin line in the middle where the vinyl doesn’t quite meet… it drives me absolutely crazy!

They should not be jealous of the amount of paper pushing I do!

Administrative Secretary for Patient Care Services, is my full title. I’ll be pushing soon for that antiquated Secretary to transform into Assistant, we’ll see if I can whine loud enough for anything to really happen. I work with the hospital departments who provide direct patient care; i.e. nursing units, Hospitalists/Physicians, Radiology, Laboratory, Respiratory, Rehab, etc. I flit from policies to contracts, presentations to reports, minutes to spreadsheets, editing to writing, and an insane amount of small projects which mysteriously find their way onto my desk… or shoved under my door for me to step on in the morning.

Our hospital is the largest employer of the valley, we have over 600 employees. And I know everyone’s name.

Definitely a lie.

I enjoy my job, I adore those I work closely with, and I am always being challenged which is necessary for my personality. I consider myself very lucky to work for an organization whose sole purpose is to help others.

Besides bike riding I fit in my other excerise which is always rotating from jogging, walking, and a collection of DVDs at home. This summer has been painfully warm and as such has forced me to wait until the evenings to even consider going outside. Jogging in 100 degree weather is for the crazies.

I have been brushing up on my piano skills and have made a goal to sit down at least four times a week for a half hour to practice my own sightreading and finger exercises. I refuse to lose everything I learned from all those years of lessons, and I cannot afford to fall behind while teaching my kiddos.

Which is another thing keeping me busy – teaching piano lessons.

I am making my way back through my favorite books and falling in love with those authors all over again.


Yeah Ella Enchanted.. it is, and always will be, my guilty pleasure. What can I say? I am a sucker for a fairytale with a strong female lead.

I attempt to maintain a social life, I miss the days where that was easier. As an adult with adult friends we are way too busy adulting these days, so squeezing in coffee/dinner dates is quite an achievement! I have great friends however, and even if it’s been weeks between our get togethers it never feels that way. For those of you who are nosy – no, I have not been on any dates, and nor does it seem to be something which will happen in my near future. Small town pickings man… Yes, I just said that.

Some weekends, like this one, I am scheduled for keys/vocals on the church’s worship team. I just finished up a much needed four Sunday break from the team, and now am ready to get back to playing. We all need breaks here and there, helps to recharge and clear our minds.

I miss summer breaks… cartoons, books, bikes, sleep!

I am done writing about myself. Blah, blah, blah!

Who I would really like to mention is this crazy person who just completed her Masters in Education:

She’s a full-time teacher (somehow manages a classroom full of 30 snotty children, ick), full-time mommy to two special boys, wife and housecleaner homemaker, and manages to do a better job than me in maintaining weekly coffee dates with her friends.

My sister is fierce I tell you! She’s also a great example for those women who want both a career and mommyhood, it can be done, and done well! My parents did not produce weak people. Thank God for that, I’d get bored real quick if they were all a bunch of weaklings.

Congrats to Sister Fierce for this big achievement, you should bake a banana cake for me us to celebrate!












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