Miss me much?

Summer is here in all it’s crazy hotness and I thought what better time to bring my blog back to life then while stuck inside with the AC running. Right?

I have been busy folks, believe it or not, I have actually been living a productive life. I told myself in January this would be a year of yes’s, of not letting opportunities, big or small, pass me by. See, I am somewhat of a dope when it comes to trying new things, I don’t really enjoy being outside my comfort zone much. This was genetically transferred to me by both parents so I’m really battling nature here guys. It’s a big deal.

Many things have happened since I have last written (August! Oh my gosh it’s been so long!).

Sister Silent graduated from high school, yes, she made it. You know what that means? The family is going to Disneyland to celebrate! Not that I am more excited for the Magic Kingdom than I was to see her turn her tassle… but, I mean, it’s been almost 18 years since my last visit!

We will be able to celebrate their 60th Anniversary!

She graduated and is now a real live adult. I feel young and old at the same time. The 8 1/2 year age gap between us isn’t always obvious, possibly from her store of maturity, hopefully not from my lack thereof? However, when she’s escaping high school and I am getting Facebook messages about a ten year class reunion coming up next Summer it feels somewhat odd.

The emotions ran high graduation day, lots of tears were shed, none by Brother Serious of course. A party was given in her honor which she did very well not being awkward through. And she spoke to people, opened gifts in front of people, and thanked people, graduating really boosted her social skills… for the day.

All in all, I am very proud of her, she pushed through the horrors of high school and can now relax… hahahahaha, relax.

Moving on.

My great grandmother passed away the end of May and her service was a couple weeks ago in Seattle. The family and I made the six hour trip and back in one day, because we like to torture ourselves. Whenever my family travels together I brace myself for an overload of dysfunction and inevitable hiccups. We did fine until four hours in when Sister Silent went to fill up our car and ended up drenching herself waist down in gasoline.  We had to bag up her clothes and have her change into her funeral attire, getting back into the car with her was like nothing I have experienced. The smell!

My parentals were driving separately, my sisters and I trailing behind, and I desperately called Crazy Lady to explain I was suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning and we needed lemon juice and vanilla extract stat, the only apparent cures for gasoline deodorization. We stopped in the town of Cle Elum (Washington town names man…) and Sister Fierce jogged into Safeway bought both lemon juice and vanilla extract, and Sister Silent proceeded to wipe her legs and feet down for the next half hour of the trip. We made one last chaotic detour to toss her sandals and met up with our parents at an outlet mall in NorthBend to reclothe and shoe Sister Silent.

Mr. Green made the remark of checking for a dog leash tied to the back of our car…

… get it? Griswold reference?

The lemon juice and vanilla extract did work by the way, in case you were wondering. Sister Silent was fine, fuming (nailed it!), but fine. We avoided any chemical burns, rashes, and swelling, however, I am convinced I suffered some brain damage. I’ve been forgetting a lot of things lately…

We did make it to Seattle in time, despite our unplanned pit stops and my great grandmother’s funeral was lovely. That woman was a prayer warrior up until the very end, she was a great example in how to keep faith in God despite the earthly battles we must face. She will be dearly missed but I am so happy she gets to finally be in her true home.

A handful of other things I have been doing: teaching a few kiddos piano, one of which I am extremely jealous of her talent… she’s incredible and going on seven, connecting and reconnecting with friends, working on my writing, practicing a couple new chords on guitar, gearing up to learn more about telemedicine (robots!), debating daily on cutting my hair, watching movies with Sister Silent, figuring out where and when to break in new hiking shoes (huckleberry picking?), spending time corrupting my nephews, preparing for a road trip to Montana for a family reunion, and spending way too much time browsing Vine.

Things I have been avoiding: watching the Mad Men finale (I can’t say goodbye yet), going to the dentist, cleaning out my closet, studying up on our Presidential candidates, learning how to strum my guitar (it’s too hard!), buying a new computer, putting new tires on my car, purchasing a new BluRay player… basically doing anything that will make me poorer.

It’s a short post but it’s all I have for now, I feel as if I’m working from the bottom back up again with this guy. Let me blow off the dust, get acclimated and try again soon.






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