Weekend getaway

Back to the real world, and much too soon!

I heart Seattle!
I heart Seattle!

Seattle was quick and interesting. Brother Serious claims he shall never return to Pike’s Market but I call bologna on that one. He does not like other human beings much, and when you have thousands gathered in one congested area it can be slightly overwhelming. I instructed him to return on a weekday in the Fall or Spring. We watched the fish throwers, ate some Russian food at Piroshky-Piroshky, flipped through vintage prints and magazines, rode the new’ish Seattle Great Wheel, ate ice cream while watching the ferries, walked the city streets, almost saw Lady Gaga, were asked to impeach Obama, visited North Face, and walked, and walked, and walked.

Here be I on the Great Wheel:

Awkward picture, check!
Awkward picture, check!
cheesy selfie
I am never very good at ‘selfies’ but I sure tried and managed to catch a ferry coming in as well!

I am not the most photogenic person, but whatever, it’s important to document I have actually been to places. I prefer to snap pictures of other people.

Like this lovely shot of the sibs:

Brother Serious sees this look from his sisters often.
Brother Serious sees this look from his sisters often.

One more try, come on guys!


Here be I in front of the gum wall:

gum wall

And here be Sister Silent with Rachel:

We took this photo in 5 seconds flat because the crowds were way too intense to spend some quality time with Rachel.
We took this photo in 5 seconds flat because the crowds were way too intense to spend some quality time with Rachel.

I told you they would humor me with some pictures. They love me, they really love me!

Please refrain from pointing out the obvious resemblance of Brother Serious and Sister Silent and the obvious lack of said resemblance to me. I heard it enough times over the weekend. Sometimes when people crack the “Were you adopted or what?” joke I am going to go ahead and tell them that, yes, as a matter of fact I was, and I would prefer not to discuss it. 

Lady Gaga is on tour and had a show in Vancouver that evening, a large crowd had gathered around her hotel waiting for her to load up on her tour bus. We stopped to find out what all the excitement was about and then moved on when we were told who they were waiting for. Now if it had been Johnny Depp in that Four Seasons, or Jeff Bridges, I would have waited a little longer to see if I could glimpse their face, get an autograph, ask them to join me for dinner, play some music together, just chill… no big deal.

A young homeless man took a box and drew a picture of the cookie monster on it. He held it up in front of his face and yelled, “Feed me!” as we walked by. I have to wonder how he thinks he’ll be rewarded for such behavior. Sister Silent was a little taken aback by the multitude of homeless people camped out by the freeways, hanging out by the waterfront, and walking the streets with everything they own stuffed in a garbage sack. I recently watched this video called Cardboard Stories that really touched me. I kept thinking of it every time we passed someone wondering what their story was and how they got to be where they are now. You should watch it as well if you have the time:

We came home to a scorching hot, smoke-filled valley. Forest fires are a’ragin. It is so hazy I wasn’t even able to see across town from my office window yesterday. I am really looking forward to my favorite season of Fall. I think everyone is in agreement this heat can just move on, go to California where people enjoy that sort of thing. The flesh burning and constant dehydration is overrated. Us Oregon folks like our cooler mountain weather.

The Oregon Coast is calling my name. I will be on the road with Sister Silent soon for another road trip. Coffee, beach, seafood, shopping, and sightseeing. It sounds like heaven!


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