The old oregonian blogger is back…


This summer has flown by like crazy. Other than feeling as if I have been broiled like a piece of steak it practically wasn’t even here. Seriously guys, the heat, not cool.

I took a break from blogging and focused on other areas of my writing. Those went nowhere as apparently I need a professor grading my every sentence in order for me to write a successful short story.

See Katelyn write. Watch Katelyn fail.

El Fin.

So many stories to tell you my readers I’m not quite sure where to even begin. I have missed your faces; I cannot actually see who you all are but imagine you are pretty good looking. You, over there, you’re good looking. And I have heard you’ve missed me as well, sort of like you miss Taco Bell… you know you shouldn’t, but it’s so darn tempting. Let’s look ahead before looking back, shall we? I have yet to venture out of town this summer, but don’t you fret I’m hitting up Seattle this weekend with Brother Serious and Sister Silent. It will be a very serious and quiet road trip… but a road trip nonetheless. I imagine Sister Silent will only pipe up for two occasions:

  1. When are we stopping to eat?
  2. Katelyn stop talking.

We will be going to Pike’s Market on Saturday, I decided, because it will be fun. It. Will. Be. Fun. Here’s a real shocker for you, neither of them have been to Pike’s Market… or anywhere in Seattle for that matter since they were wee little ones, and on top of that this is the first time in three years Brother Serious will be going outside our county lines. I was flabbergasted, shocked, stunned into silence (for a brief second) when Crazy Lady told me this. Insane! My siblings are humoring me, as my family often does. They will get their picture taken next to Rachel the pig, drink a coffee from the first Starbucks, watch the fish fly and wear out their feet traipsing after me inside and outside the market, down the waterfront, and beyond. It. Will. Be. Fun. They will play the tourist because they love me, and they will secretly be having fun despite acting as if I am the worst human being to ever enter their lives. This is how our relationship goes.

So far this summer I have worked, worked, and worked, watched Baby Gil for a weekend, went huckleberry picking, tried some new sushi rolls, spent time by a fire pit, watched The Neph kick a soccer ball, went to Baby Gil’s first birthday, began Gilmore Girls from the first season, said goodbye to a moving friend, planned a short coast trip for the end of this month (oh yeah, this girl gets to see her precious coast in two weeks!), battled with Sallie Mae over student loans, and killed three spiders solo.

Baby Gil is one! And the cutest one year old you have ever seen. I bought him Hot Wheels for his birthday so he wouldn’t have to keep stealing big brothers. I am his favorite; he tells me so when we are alone.

The Neph and Baby Gil behaving for once at Gil's first bday partay!
The Neph and Baby Gil behaving for once at Gil’s first bday partay!

He slept through the night for auntie when his parents decided to take off and go celebrate their anniversary or some such ridiculous thing. He was fun; their sweltering house was not fun. So we packed up and he spent the next night at Crazy Lady’s where there is central air straight from heaven. I am so, so thankful I have a window a/c at home and work in a cool hospital all day. Otherwise I would have murdered someone by now.

I ran over a squirrel the other day. Ugh.

What else, what else…

I have been talking to God a lot about my five year plan. The plan in which I have nothing planned. That plan. The plan of which He only knows the bullet points, and their order, and Katelyn can only smile and wonder. I have been praying He makes the path very clear and obvious, and kicks me in the rear when I need it. It’s like hiking when you find a nice big rock to sit on and enjoy the view but if you were to just go up another half mile the view would be 100 times more breathtaking. I think I may have worn out my present rock. I’m also tired of hiking. My familia will understand that analogy.

I stumbled upon someone’s blog the other day, a friend of a friend on Facebook, you know how that goes. She’s new to Oregon, moved from Maui, and is writing of her adjustment to becoming an Eastern Oregonian. It is quite amusing, and someday I will have to become her friend because we have too much in common to not know each other, and that’s what I do; I force people to be my friend. She gets attacked by insects too, and has a quirky sense of humor that is as adorable as my own. So as others have done for me I am doing for her and sharing her blog for you to check out, click the link below (after you’re done reading my post of course!):

Pretty cool blog startup – The New Oregonian

Also had this lovely lady’s blog recommended to me by a friend – her name is Charity and she writes about her crazy life as well, primarily on what it’s like to be an “older” single, Christian woman in today’s world. She’s excellent and down below is the link to her blog: 

The Blithe Bachelorette

Huckleberry picking was a success this year. They were overwhelmingly abundant and I now have stashed in my freezer about 16 cups worth of berry gold, to be used sparingly and wisely. I got stung and bit of course, because somehow the insects swarm around me and leave everyone else alone. I endured it silently and bravely like the martyr I am… I can feel my family’s eye rolls.

Bears also like huckleberries, I  would have peed myself if I saw one of these while picking.
Bears also like huckleberries, I would have peed myself if I saw one of these while picking.

Oh yeah, those spiders I killed, singlehandedly mind you, were “big” and gross and… wait for it… in my bedroom!! You know what that means? They probably crawled on me at some point while I was asleep. Disgusting. They deserved to die. This might be my biggest accomplishment of the entire year, heck, my entire life! Okay, I have to stop thinking about them, it’s making me nauseous…

So that’s about a wrap folks. I have lots more to write about, but I have an early morning meeting like an actual adult and must get to bed if I don’t want to sleep through it. I will be back sooner than later, I hope, and most likely with some Seattle roadtrip stories to tell. 


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