Good tidings of comfort and cheer

Why have I not been writing? Really, I’m not quite sure where time has gone. I wish I could say I have had something really exciting taking up all my time, but sadly no. I have no fabulous excuse. Unless you think reading about the four blood moons coming up between 2014-2015, decorating for Christmas, baking cookies, and catching up on ‘The Middle’ and ‘Grey’s Anatyomy’ is more exciting than blogging. I have thought about blogging if that means anything to you guys… are you even still there? Have I lost everyone by now? Well poop.

I had great plans to do a fantastic Christmas blog where I reflected on past Christmases with my quirky family (Family says: Hey we aren’t quirky, we are normal!), and give you a couple of my favorite cookie recipes, and shared some of my favorite Christmas songs, and I flopped big time.

I’ll try to make up. Here is some much belated Christmas cheer.

I went out to our favorite tree farm with the family  and picked out my tree. Mr. Green, who is pretty much the greatest dad, cut it down, put it in the stand and hauled it up my apartment stairs for me. Here it is in all it’s glory:


I decided to hang all my kid ornaments, the ones Crazy Lady bought each Christmas for us. Once I graduated she bequeathed them all to me, minus my first,  and I feel guilty if I don’t find places for them on the tree. Here are a few:

mouse ornament
Mouse & Hat.

Santa's head is sort of being attacked by a light here...
Santa’s head is sort of being attacked by a light here…
mother goose ornament
Mother Goose who always flies on top because she’s a heavy weight and needs a big branch. (She’s also being attacked by a light, I suck at Instagram.)

mouse in a slipper

At some point Crazy Lady and I felt it would be a really great idea to start collecting the Crayola ornament series, I now have one too many of them. Here are just a few:

bear boat ornamentmouseplaneteepeeswingfiredog

As I said I decorated my “little” apartment attempting to create some Christmas cheer for…. well, me.


That is an old wooden sleigh I beat Crazy Lady to at a bazaar, filled with old books of course and ornaments.
Top of bookcase. Cause I only have so many surfaces to work with ...
Top of bookcase. Cause I only have so many surfaces to work with people. That tree is indeed made out of the spines of old books, I did not create it… someone did for me! bookcaseMore old books

I also bought this awesome book page wreath from the same wonderful lady who made me that book spine tree.


I don’t have a fireplace, not many second story apartments come with fireplaces. Instead, I have this gigantic radiator in my living room that takes up an entire wall. No joke. Using what I learned from The Santa Clause I chose to hang a couple stockings above this hunk of industrial metal.


There is a good chunk of my Christmas cheer. Putting decorations away this year seemed to take three times as long as putting them out. And I cried a bit while doing tearing them all down on New Years Day. I love the holidays and am notorious for getting a heavy dose of post-holiday blues when they are all said and done. Part of that may come from Crazy Lady’s annual comment after present opening has been completed, “Well, Christmas is over.”

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a fun New Year’s!