New music is better than…

So this is what I have been listening to… as. of. late.

Who wouldn’t listen to a band called Fitz and the Tantrums? If you like them then you should look up Mackintosh Braun, they have some good stuff going on right now as well. Okay fine… I’ll provide you a sample, don’t get in a tizzy there…

I may have dropped out of the blogging world for a tiny bit… okay fine, a month long hiatus, but I have still kept up on my music. My precious music. I was asked once if I intentionally search for bands with the strangest names. Although I may have at one point done that, I’ll admit it… no shame!, most of the time I stumble upon these lovely artists by happenstance. I am always on the lookout for someone new. And I really mean always… I am one of those people who will whip out their smartphone in the middle of a movie, or show, to Google who the heck is playing in the background, or lose themselves in the iTunes store for hours at a time, or much to Sister Fierce’s disgust ask my Mr. Green (Dad, Father, the man who passed his jaw along to me) what was popular in his day. Which always results in something hilarious, and slightly embarrassing.

My taste is eclectic. (It’s a good thing someone thought up that word otherwise I would never be able to describe myself.) I’m a little eclectic in all that I do. Crazy Lady (Mom, Mother, the woman who passed her teeny eyes along to me) stresses over what decorating style she has, she is a blend between traditional and vintage. Classy is always the best way to describe her. Me on the other hand, well, I sort of just grab what catches my eye and hope it matches what else I have going on in my place. At the moment I have an old window pane and a blue painted shelf hanging out in my bedroom waiting to find a spot on the wall. Music is along the same lines, it really depends on the day, the week, what I want to listen to. Thank goodness for Pandora. Big band, classic rock, worship, Indie, Indie, and more Indie (of course), instrumental, classical, blues, jazz, I love it all. I really do. (Notice country was not mentioned in that list.) Of course there are plenty of songs I bypass to find the gems, but you have to admit how amazing it is that someone can CREATE music even if it may not rub you the right way it rubs someone else great. Okay… that was an awkward description I will never use again… Anyway, I love that music can reflect the person who made the melody, or the one who wrote the lyrics, or the one who performs it. It adapts, it transforms, and it speaks to everyone. Shoot, the only time Baby Gil laughs for me is when I’m singing him a silly song about being a ‘little boy blue.’

I so wish I was a better musician. Well, let me put it another way. I wish I had more time to dedicate to becoming a better musician. Some day I will own a baby grand and a great acoustic and have endless hours to hole up and practice and write, and write, and write. Some day when I’m about 75 and have arthritis and can’t play anything… and I’m wondering why the heck did I not just practice more when I was 25 and writing about it in my silly blog.

Finding new music is more exciting to me than finding that five dollar bill you forgot about in your winter coat. New music is better than wine. Yes, I said it, I can’t believe it either. I would gladly trade in a bottle of Shiraz for some sweet tunes.

In conclusion, as if this is anything close to an essay, take a little time to listen to some music today, particularly the music I have suggested. You will be the better for it. I am a music snob and would not recommend just anything.  If you haven’t trusted me up to this point, well, poop on you, but now is the time!

Hold up there… check out my review page for what I have pushed on you recommended to you before.



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