The death of a decade

Wow so that month went by fast. Oh, how I have missed you WordPress.

I have learned a new job and blogging do not mix well. By the time I get home I’m mentally kaput and want nothing more than to watch The Voice on Hulu and eat dinner. Sometimes that dinner is at Crazy Lady’s house because let’s face it no matter what age you are Mom’s cooking is always better than your own. But I made some killer elk tenderloin the other night that I would have paid money to have. I happened to get that meat free thanks to the menfolk in my family who hunt, and their generous nature. Back to my point though, I’m busy. So stop judging me and my lack of writing. Kidding… kidding, please don’t leave me!

I’m back, and you better believe I have some things to tell you.

To start things off right I have to share some horrific news. Brace yourselves because after I heard I felt someone had slapped me silly and hung me by my underpants. Sister Silent sent me and Sister Fierce a text the other day (our only way of communicating) asking if the Spice Girls were popular in the 90s.

Sister Silent: Were the spice girls popular in the 90’s? 

Sister Fierce: Yeah why? 

Awesome Katelyn: Yeah mid 90s. They had a cool movie we could watch sometime 🙂

Sister Fierce: Lol 

Sister Fierce thinks I’m hilarious. Because I am. I’m not sure how someone doesn’t know the popularity of the Spice Girls, they were only the biggest example of feminism with blended personalities coming together to form a united front while performing kick butt dance moves and making beautiful harmonies. I mean… come on Sister Silent, I performed a Spice Girls song for a talent show in grade school, they meant something in this world.

This is the terrible news right here guys, hold on to your panties.

Sister Silent: This is the last year where the freshmen are born in the 90’s so our spirit week is based on the 90’s. Monday is music where you dress as someone Tuesday is television Wednesday is remember when (toys, characters, video games) Thursday is throwback Thursday to dress as what you looked like in the 90s. So I need help. Haha


I’m shuddering right now. To think that high schoolers are now dressing up in imitation of my generation! This cannot be.

Awesome Katelyn: Tuesday you could do Clarrisa Explains It All. She had random outfits and a side pony

Sister Fierce: lol

Told you she thought I was funny…

Awesome Katelyn: Too bad we didn’t keep any scrum hoes

Sister Silent: Any what? lol

Awesome Katelyn: What! That was supposed to be scrunchies

At that point I had the idea to play it off cool, and explain to Sister Silent that ‘scrum hoes’ was a 90s slang term, and she should totally throw it around to be authentic. But I thought better and corrected myself.

Sister Silent: I am sure they still sell them… I see people wearing them

Awesome Katelyn: That’s true lol. Or those big clips I used to wear 

Sister Fierce: Yeah haha

Awesome Katelyn: Man what a horrible decade to grow up in

Sister Fierce: Lol I know 

Sister Silent: hahaha

I was killing it that day apparently. SO funny.

I informed Sister Silent that I had written a blog post awhile back contrasting her generation to mine, and suggested she scope it out for ideas. “Me vs. sister silent. 90s vs. 2000s”

Sister Silent: They gave us some ideas like golden girls but I’ve never heard of that 

Of that. That! Golden Girls is not a ‘that’ it’s a ‘them!’ Good grief… Plus they were not technically a 90s show… She isn’t even getting a proper education!

Awesome Katelyn: Golden Girls was the show I watched all the time with the old women that lived together. 

I wouldn’t consider that 90s really. Weird I’ll have to look up dates. 

Yeah no it’s 80s. It only ran to 92. 

I’m a real scrum hoe when it comes to 90s television… Do not question my knowledge of Boy Meets World, Bug Juice, Step By Step and Saved By the Bell, I will school you harder than Mr. Feeny and Miss Bliss combined.

Other than the demise of my precious childhood era, life has been pretty peachy. I have become an expert on the removal of candle wax from places like carpet, antique wood, and slip covers, for reasons that do not need to be discussed. I got a new pair of sleek glasses, the first pair I have had since my Junior year of high school. I feel intellectual again. There is a strange smell in my apartment that I have yet to figure out the source, I’m beginning to wonder if some rodent died in the walls or something equally as terrible that I don’t want to dwell on for too long. Instead I surround myself with Fall scents hoping it will disappear on it’s own.

Speaking of Fall, it is here in all it’s glory! I have started the psychotic baking phase, I’ll be sure to share any amazing recipes I come across, and of course they will contain cinnamon and pumpkin, I’m no amateur.

Right now I have to jet cause The Neph is over and I have not been paying attention to this wolf movie he has picked out. He has pretended he is a wolf all night and has shown me repeatedly his fangs, which he also informed me are called canines. I should probably make sure he doesn’t try to rip anything of mine apart.



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