Onto a new chapter

I have been waiting and waiting to make this announcement to my blog readers, and then suddenly time got away from me and now it’s just ridiculously late, and I’m embarrassed.

I got a new job folks! Yes, this girl is breaking out of the newspaper community and taking one giant, blind leap into the health world. I landed myself a position as an Administrative Secretary in the Patient Care Services at the hospital.

Yeah, go me.

And my boss, go him too. Of course. I mean he chose the best and the brightest. And I think he reads this blog now… so credit goes where credit is due.

I started last week before I took off on my Coast trip (more to come on that later), and now I’m pretty much running the place.

Not. I’m walking around saying to people, “Have I met you already? I’m assuming you’re a doctor because of that white coat you have on there.” “What floor am I on?” “Why are there SO MANY people??” “My mom wants to know if I get free shoe covers? Yeah, like the ones they use in surgery… you don’t need to know why just answer the question.”

I received a bag of oranges on my first day from one of my biggest supporters and devoted blog readers, it was pretty much the best gift I was ever given. She pretty much rocks, I’m a fan for life.

Really, this job meant the world to me, and couldn’t have come at a better time. Well, it came when I was least expecting it, which seems to happen with those big life changes. Nervousness comes from learning something new, but I know that time will be my friend and Rome wasn’t a built in a day and yada yada yada… I just don’t want to make a fool of myself.

I bought some chocolate for my office candy jar, I’m hoping that will win some of them over. Who can resist a Kit Kat?

Who am I kidding, I need all the help I can get. I should fill it with King size candy bars…

Wal-Mart has their Fall stuff out now. Just thought I would share. We all know how much I love Fall! Pumpkins, spices, chili, and the colors! Now if only the weather would get a clue and cool itself off already. The heat is making me lose my precious mind. Most of if melted away from the six hours I listened to country music on the way to the beach. Sister Silent relished every minute. Unfortunately I now know the lyrics to almost all of Luke Bryan’s new songs. Dear Lord help me I’m craving cat-fish dinners and such nonsense.


The Coast was nice, as it always is. We were not disappointed with the hotel as it’s reviews held true and it sat right on the beach. A nice beach too, that Sister Silent and I walked on a lot. We even spotted a seal bobbing by its lonesome for a brief minute or two before it swam off. We did the tourist thing and hit the scenic spots, and shopped our little behinds off at the outlet mall as well. In record time I might add, if Crazy Lady would have been with us we would have been there before the doors opened and kicked out when they closed. Sister Silent and I don’t believe in that. We hit up a Coldstone twice, because we don’t have one at home. Both times I regretted it halfway through my bowl…. but I managed to finish. It’s a sin to let ice cream with that level of goodness go to waste. A sin.

We were trapped in our hotel room for part of a day because a storm decided to roll in and whip up some pretty powerful wind gusts. So we watched the only entertaining thing on TV, Sisterwives and Honey Boo Boo. So now I know what all those comedic references are about. Honey Boo Boo… just forget it, I have no words.

It was great to be on the beach again, I forgot how much you can miss a place. The ocean just has a way of calming me down and clearing my head, both of which were much needed after I starting my new job the day after ending my old one. But it’s a new chapter and one I’m looking forward to playing out to my best capabilities. It feels much like writing on the first page of a new journal. You’re hoping the first marks look exceptional. Wish me luck my favorite people, I have a feeling I will need all that I can get!



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