Home movies

Crazy Lady has gone and transferred all our home movies from dusty VHS tapes to shiny DVDs. I watched quite a few, and I have to say I was pretty darn cute as a little kid. Until I reached the age of about six, that is, then I became annoying as all get out. I have no idea how my mom resisted locking me in a closet, or placing a thick piece of duck tape across my mouth. Every. Day.

There are many things that my parents filmed that no one outside the family will ever lay eyes on. Ever. Yes, I am embarrassed by things I did as a five year old. I was always performing/showing off for the camera, therefore there are many awkward moments and ridiculous productions. For as much as my parents whipped out that big camera, and as much I loved having it focused on me, I don’t remember being filmed.

I’m sure glad they took a lot of home videos, it was nice to hear my grandpa’s voice and laugh again. It is always fun to see how we were as babies too, Brother Serious was not all that serious. Sister Fierce was… well still fiercely in control of her younger siblings. She is the alpha, and always will be. And Sister Silent just stared away as Crazy Lady tried desperately to get her to speak.

“Say mama.”


“Say Katie.”


I found out I have always made up songs. There is a clip of us carving pumpkins and I sang along as I scooped the seeds out.

“Scooping out my pumpkin seeds, my pumpkin seeds. Juicy, juicy… pumpkin seeds!”

#1 hit. For sure. My parents just didn’t see it at the time.

I also discovered that I wasn’t wrong about Brother Serious being the favorite. He had more camera time and close-ups than all three girls… combined. We had to watch him play with his pacifier, eat oatmeal, get mad at his push-car/walker, slam the door in Crazy Lady’s face, walk around a thousand times, shove his hands in some birthday cake, run outside in the backyard, plant a garden with Mr. Green, etc. etc. ETC.

What is interesting is we watch these as a family and still get upset over the things that made us upset back then. I find myself getting mad at Sister Fierce all over again, “You a mean big sister!!!”

Love home movies!


One thought on “Home movies

  1. I love home movies haha…my momma hated being on camera and my favorite line I had caught on the “big screen” was “Cheeseburger daddy, cheeseburger” hahaha

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