Beach trip on the calendar!

At the end of the month Sister Silent and I will be taking a very quiet fun road trip to Salem, OR for one of my close friend’s wedding, then onward to Lincoln City, OR after her reception where we will enjoy the beach  for a couple days. I believe I will be the one doing all the talking, Sister Silent will sit silently with her earbuds in until we reach our destination. She will be quiet at the wedding, and about most everything else, until the time comes to decide where we are eating. Then Sister Silent will chime in with her opinion. She has a very strong opinion about food.

Lincoln City is my favorite beach spot along the Oregon Coast, mainly because it is where my family always vacationed each Summer when growing up. We vacationed there because my parent’s spent their honeymoon in Lincoln City and fell in love with the area. I have been looking forward to this trip for months now, but even more so once we decided to make the detour to the beach!


It’s about 15 minutes away from a cute little town that is known as the whale watching capitol, Depoe Bay, which is a requirement to visit. Everyone loves to stand on the edge of the street where the Spouting Horn is:


Depoe Bay on a not so cloudy day

Sister Silent and I got a room at the Sandcastle Motel, we have never stayed there. It’s a little dated, but Trip Advisor reviews claim the rooms are clean, and it sits literally right on the beach, which you just can’t beat.


We are on the third floor, with a balcony, and a King size bed. I am a little nervous about sharing a bed with Sister Silent because she used to grind her teeth HORRIBLY when she was younger. She also is a blanket hog. I’m hoping the roar of the ocean will drown out the teeth, and I’m bringing my own blankets from home. I bring my own blankets and pillows anyway, because I don’t really trust hotel linens… I have watched too many of those shows where people whip out the black light and reveal all those stains. Disgusting!

While at the beach we will eat clam chowder, shop at the Tanger Outlet Mall, and spend the majority of the time watching the ocean, even if it’s rainy and cloudy. It almost always is rainy and cloudy at the Oregon Coast. I told Sister Silent she would be required to come walking with me in the mornings on the beach, her response:

I can’t enjoy the beach when I’m on the beach.

She’s a smart cookie that Sister Silent.

It will be nice to relax for a couple of days and not think of anything but the ocean and shopping. I will not go into the water however, because I have been catching up on my Shark Week and I don’t want to chance things. There are Great Whites in those waters guys! It’s all those dang seals everywhere drawing them in like ninnies!

I shall try my best to take pictures whilst there, but I will not guarantee anything. The calendar needs to speed up so I can take off already.



4 thoughts on “Beach trip on the calendar!

  1. I’m going to Gearhart on Friday!!! Yay!!! The weather has been fab at the beach so hopefully no gray while the bloggers are there. My sister was in Gearhart this past weekend and there were two whales right off shore which I have never seen this far north in the 45 years I’ve been going to the Oregon Coast.

    Have so much fun!

    1. What whales! Yes, maybe I’ll get to spot some, I was wanting to go sight seeing while we are there! I have always wanted to go whale watching, but I would hate to spend that money and not see a darn thing… and I would probably get sea sick within 30 seconds. Yes I’m crossing fingers for fair weather as well, I don’t mind the cold as long as it’s sunny!

    1. Haha, I have a lot of people suddenly wanting to hitch a ride with me! I can’t blame you for wanting to go, I have been missing the beach for some time now!

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