The bloody search engines

I haven’t scrolled through the search terms lately that bring people to my site. I forgot how entertaining it is. Here are some of the more recent ones over the past couple of days.

How the weird people find this weird blog:

“Boys pooping.” “boyspooping” “boys pooping in bed” 

What the crapola? Why are these being linked to my blog? Did I write about The Neph potty training once and forgot about it? Meh, I’ll take what views I can get.

“Is all the water supposed to drain out of my chia pet.” 

Um, no. Give your chia pet to someone who will do right by it.

“Things that make my eye twitch” 

Apparently Google thinks Katelyn’s blog does.

“Sister Fierce says” 

Sister Fierce says to stop googling her name. You don’t know her! You don’t know her family!

Sister Fierce I think I just found a way for you to be a guest blogger! A page all your own, the title is already set.

“How not to be dumb”

I knew that title would be a winner. Wanna read it too? How not to be dumb.

“Bob Ross”

That’s my Uncle’s name in this blog. The fact that someone finds me when googling Bob Ross makes me so happy!

“Why are middle children so cold” 

Because it’s been a harsh life for us, don’t be a hater.

“Is everyone deserved to be loved” “everyone deserves to be wanted” “does everyone deserve love” 

Fix the mistake in that first one!

Apparently this is a big issue. Are there people who really think others don’t deserve love?

“Only one in family with wavy hair” 

You have found a safe place here friend. Let me hug you for a little while.


It’s Grumpy Cat, thankyou

“can a zombie apocalypse really happen”


“can hormones turn you into a monster” 

Yes. Now be quiet and go away.

“Post grad life” 

Is terrible, stay in school… forever.

“Bible verse to get you through the day” 

“But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.” …. 2 Peter 3:8

“Brooks ghost 5 worst shoe”

LIES! I am in love with mine. So much so that I will probably bury them in the backyard when they are done in.

“sister i am waiting you come hug me i’m so lonely”

Sister Silent, is that you?


Just for fun:




6 thoughts on “The bloody search engines

  1. These are amazing. I once had someone get to my blog by searching “can i sand down my inner thigh.” Nowhere on my blog do I mention sanding, inner thighs, or any combination of the two.

    1. There were others that were more explicit and I was thinking, “That kids mom needs to take away their computer privileges!” 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Reblogged this on sohewhistled and commented:

    Looking back at old times, and found this gem among my posts. A year later and people are still coming upon my blog by searching ‘boyspooping.’ Some things never change…

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