What not to read, and what to watch

Remember when I confessed to you all that I had a slight obsession with the show The Voice? Slight obsession… right Katelyn… Well, I have transferred that obsession to So You Think You Can Dance. I have a real problem guys. I mean, I cry at everything. EVERYTHING!

Brother and sister dance together. Cry.

Man dancing for his cousin who died. Cry.

Woman dances to my favorite song. Cry.

Man who has stuttering problem. Sob. That one really got to me. His dancing was amazing.

I don’t think I would cry as much if I was watching it with someone else. Sister Fierce used to watch with me, but she’s too busy being married now. And they don’t have Hulu. So I watch it alone, either right before going to bed or while I’m getting ready in the mornings, which is ridiculous because you can’t exactly apply makeup to tear filled eyes.

I don’t know how I get sucked into these shows. I’m not a reality show freak normally. Okay that’s kind of a lie. I do love me some Kitchen Nightmares… never want to eat out again, but great show nonetheless.

Anyway, last time I mentioned The Voice, family and friends who were also fans came out of the woodworks and supported me in my obsession so I am hoping that I’ll get the same results for So You Think You Can Dance. Don’t leave me alone on this guys, I need to have fellow criers out there.

Now that I have received several eye rolls for that one I’ll digress and move on.

I have started to read a book called Asylum. You’ll have to forgive me for not using proper punctuation in my blog with titles and what not, I’m lazy. Who would not read a book called Asylum? I started this one without finishing Warm Bodies, I don’t want that one to end so I am drawing it out for as long as I can. I have already watched the movie but the endings in books are far better so I’m prolonging the knocking of socks off. It better deliver man. I used to read a lot more than I do now. Funny how when you get older your to-do list gets longer, and things like writing and reading fall the to the wayside. I don’t think Crazy Lady would appreciate me asking her to clean my bathroom and kitchen so I can indulge in a nice little read. I always have these good intentions of setting some time aside for reading, or practicing the piano, or working on some real writing and not just this blog, but those are like New Years Resolutions. I am proud of myself if I read like three chapters a week! That is so sad!

I read books good.

When I was younger Mr. Green would tell us to go read a book when we complained about being bored. Such a parent response. “Don’t be glued to the TV all Summer, read some books!” Of course not being a normal child I thought this was a fantastic idea and so I would browse his library for something that looked interesting. I attempted Jaws, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, War & Peace, and some of the old Nancy Drew novels Crazy Lady had kept from her youth, I read a series of books that were about dragons, the titles have escaped me, and I read several murder mystery novels. My parents wonder why I’m different…

I would go to the library with Crazy Lady when I was younger. She would search for her reads, I would search for mine, Brother Serious and Sister Silent would be super bored, yawning in the corners. Now I can’t go to the library because I believe I owe late fees from five years ago… I’m probably written down somewhere on a naughty list. They’re going to come after me one of these days, I’m sure of it. So, if anyone wants to loan me out some of their top recommended reads that would be great… I promise to return in a timely fashion.

I love books. I love buying books. I love people buying books for me. I could spend hours upon hours in a bookstore. I could plaster this post with my favorite books, what I have on the ‘To-Read’ list, or the ones I suggest everyone should try to read before their dead.

But I thought it would be a lot more fun to make a list of all the books I will probably never read.


And I’m on the fence about this last one. I may have to check it out…


Notice the awesome guy is blonde, muscular, and looks like the quarterback of the football team…

I’m off to go read some more, maybe I can make it through a full chapter!


5 thoughts on “What not to read, and what to watch

  1. Oh Dear Ms. K! My dad got me that “If God Loves me, Why Can’t I get My Locker Open” book! He even inscribed it to me when I was in high school! Can’t say that I remember reading the book though!

  2. This is hilarious!! Not sure if I read this one when u first published it or not. I LOLed so hard at the book titles!!!

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