Baby gil has arrived!

Holy toledo! I haven’t written for awhile. I mean I have, I just have nothing worthy of being published. I’m like a squirrel with it’s nuts, better store them away for a not so sunshiny day. And then forget about them. Abandon them. Poor little nuts. Poor little posts that don’t meet my standards.

Today is a sunshiny day. Today I will write a post that will make it’s way to being on my page. I really need to pay that yearly fee to make this my own domain, more control makes Katelyn a happy girl. I need to make this site legit. As legit as my pretend boyfriend who saves me in awkward situations with males.

That pretend boyfriend has led quite a crazy life. He’s always off traveling somewhere, doing some strange job…

I’ll never get him to commit.

Today I get to announce the arrival of Baby Gil! He came yesterday after a very long, long wait, at 4:18 p.m. He is 8 lbs, 1 oz, 20 1/4 inches long. And he is perfect.


I believe I am already his favorite. He got The Neph and I up and waiting at 3 a.m. But then pulled a fast one and made us wait all day. The Neph did so good waiting, I was a proud Aunty.

Ignore the blurriness, it was 4am when this was taken...
Ignore the blurriness, it was 4am when this was taken…


He’s well worth the wait that’s for sure. His name will still remain Baby Gil in this blog until he grows a little more and starts showing his personality, then it’s up for changing.

My life is trucking onward whether I like for it to or not. Some days I wish would just stand still, let me cling on just a little longer, let me enjoy every second I can! This past weekend could have just been skipped over altogether however. Crazy Lady’s iPhone was stolen. She had left it on our restaurant table after having lunch, and it had disappeared somewhere between then and Crazy Lady’s return to pick it up an hour later. Thankfully you can track smart phones, not sure if the person who stole it realized this or not. We tracked it all over town, more like Mr. Green yelled out whenever it was moving. I had just come over to do some laundry and I ended up getting wrangled into the middle of things. I turned into Nancy Drew for the afternoon, even dealt with the police. Tracked that darn iPhone to a house just a few blocks down from mine, where it sat for awhile, the police officer discovered it in a purse. There were spectators galore across the street, you would have thought something more exciting was going on like a drug bust, or someone being arrested for indecent exposure. Nope, “Just getting my Ma’s iPhone folks, that’s all.” Where was Crazy Lady? Safe in her home, enjoying the central air, whilst her youngest daughters were roasting in the heat wave, being gestured at by people on their porches, sipping their afternoon beers and enjoying the show. Sister Silent was not so silent in this scenario either, I was in shock to hear her be so assertive with the alleged phone stealer. She does speak!

Crazy Lady bought a white case for her iPhone. A white case will solve everything…

I’m having a hard time focusing on blogging when there is a baby I should be holding.

He’s so cute I want to eat him.

Fourth of July tomorrow and I get the day off. My big plans consist of cleaning my bathroom and kitchen and hoping that Mr. Green is BBQ’ing stuff. I would like to get somewhat of a tan and maybe take a waltz in the woods, but the woods are going to be crawling with hikers and fisher people, and that’s just annoying. I want privacy in the great outdoors. What do these people think, they own it? Last Summer I barely got to do anything in the forest, this year I’m hoping to at least go for a hike or two. I hate being cooped up in the office all day, every day. Ridiculous.

And I’m done, I’m spent, I can’t blog about anything else with Baby Gil on my mind. The poor little guy is going to be poked and prodded by the nurses soon to make sure he really is perfect, he’ll need some love and attention after I’m sure. So off I go!


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