Smatterings of ramblings, isn’t that creative?

I went for a run the other night, and got pooped on by a bird.

I was maybe five minutes into my run, had barely even started. Did I stop and go home? No. I grabbed a big fat maple leaf and wiped the slime off my sleeve and carried on with my jog. I wasn’t sure if that made me gross or dedicated. I went with dedicated, but I felt gross.

I have heard that when a bird poops on you it means good luck. Whoever made that up was obviously trying to make light of a pretty sick situation. The last thing you feel is fortunate when being pelted by bird feces.

That is how my week has gone so far, how are all of you?

I haven’t written much lately because…. well, I just haven’t had much to write about. This writer’s block is taking it’s toll on my blog. So what better way to break the block than to just have a good ol’ fashioned rambling post. This is what I do best, intentional or not, I ramble, and hope I hit on some good topics. Some golden nuggets. Some hidden booty. You know the treasure hidden under the layers of monotony in my life. What may seem boring really isn’t all that boring… or maybe it is, but let me pretend different.

My parents celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary this past weekend. Their plan was to go away somewhere and not tell a single soul. Crazy Lady gets a funny look on her face when she isn’t telling the truth, or when she is close to spilling the beans. Sister Fierce has the same look. It’s pretty funny when they think they have gotten away with not telling me something, I know my family like the curls on my head, I know you inside and out folks. I had it figured out I just played into it, let them have their giddiness. Crazy Lady (mom) and Mr. Green (dad), left on Thursday and didn’t come home until Monday. And where did they go? Where was this mysterious place? Boise, Idaho. Yep. Home of the Boise State Broncos, if you’re into football. I’m still learning how that game works… They walked along the greenbelt, got sunburnt, drank some honey coffees, stayed in a handicapped room because their first option was a room with double beds, and shopped until Crazy Lady’s heart was too full to handle it anymore. She showed me her bounty when they got home.

Twenty-nine years of marriage. They have a relationship that blows other relationships out of the water. And also sets my standards high. Mr. Green treats his wife with respect and care, and loves nothing more than to spend time with her sitting out on the back porch or going for a walk. Crazy Lady has always allowed for Mr. Green to be the man he was created to be. As a young, single woman looking from the outside it seems many marriages is a play for power, a battle for the pants so to say. That has never been an issue for my parents. They are each other’s best friend, and are probably the only two people who can tolerate each other’s OCD and Type A personalities.

They are quirky people… for reals. They are they type of people that wash their dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, whose curtains need to have overlaps every three to four inches, or who wipe up the water splatters in the sink after they use it.

I think of doing things (or not doing things) that no normal person would, like whether or not I can lean up against someone’s door frame or wall. Can I walk across your lawn? Does your couch have a certain spot I shouldn’t sit on?

Please tell me I wasn’t the only one who had parents like these?

Moving on…

I told some silly girl I would blog about Grumpy Cat, per her suggestion. What better post to do so? Everyone knows Grumpy Cat. If I had seen a kitten that had looked like that I probably would have scooped it up and taken it home too, she looks like she hates cats as much as I do. And everything else in life.


Yes, believe it or not, Grumpy Cat is a female! Which may be why I relate to her facial expression and the sarcastic humor that is associated with her. Grumpy Cat’s actual name is Tardar Sauce, Tard for short. They believe she has a case of dwarfism which is why she has the body and face she does. Also something I can relate to… stunted growth and all. She was born of two regular short-haired cats, and something crazy went down while in utero, that is what popped out.

Some people think it is ridiculous, this fad that has gone on for the past year. You have people like me though, who relate so much to Grumpy Cat, especially when working with a lot of people day in and day out. Sometimes Grumpy Cat just feels ya, man. Is it a bit foolish the rage over Tardar Sauce? Yes, probably. Does Grumpy Cat have more money than I ever will? Most likely, yes. But I don’t care, I think she is fantastic.

I have used a couple of the Grumpy Cat pictures in my posts before, but I am going to present to you my favorites here below, enjoy!

No words, but the face just says it all...
No words, but the face just says it all…


Only nerdy people will enjoy this one...
Only nerdy people will enjoy this one…
What I like to say when I run into old high school classmates…



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