The reality of a post-graduate life

The AC is broken at work. Broken down, down, down. I can’t handle it people, I just can’t. The heat makes me go crazy, like psychotic. I will hurt somebody if this does not get fixed soon. I was told the AC guy couldn’t fix our AC until we had a really hot day… say what? Does that make sense to anyone else?

80 degrees in the office, 80 DEGREES! That should never happen. We are nowhere near being tropical, thank God Eastern Oregon doesn’t have high humidity levels or my hair would be having a meltdown as well.

Anyway I will move on because I don’t want my rage to scare any of you committed readers away.


I am desperately craving a job that I can make a career out of. And because I am single with no children, that career cannot be a stay-at-home mom, no matter how much I wish I could stay home and take care of my baby succulent plants.

Living in a smaller town it is extremely difficult to find a job that is a career, or could potentially lead to a career. The job I have is valid, I am dedicated and loyal to my workplace, that is just the type of person I am and work ethic my parents instilled in me. But let’s face it, the newspaper industry is not one that you want to be working for as of late, at least the “old” print version. Us newbies are a little apprehensive of investing the “rest of our lives” to a quickly fading career. Print is turning into a digital medium so fast it is hard to catch up. Unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of taking the opportunities thrown at me this past year to start from the ground level in the newsroom and work my way up. My student debt load is far too high for me to settle for a job that is paying less than I am making now, I am barely scraping by as is. So instead, I offer my help for free in hope that one day I can reference to it, and to help build a portfolio for potential freelance work.

I know that sinking, terrifying feeling all too well, that you may not make ends meet at the end of the month. It’s a sad day when you can’t even afford clothing from Wal-Mart folks. I’m being brutally truthful here, because this is not just my reality but thousands of others my age. Oh what luxury to be able to buy a whole bag of oranges, spices, lean cuts of meat, and fresh avocados from the grocery store. (I’m looking forward to the local Farmer’s Market where I can afford more fresh veggies and fruit.) I never thought splurging would mean buying strawberries or humus. I thank God every month that He somehow provides me with what I need, and a family that is willing to help me out when they can. Others are not so lucky. The reality that hits a lot of college graduates once we leave the naiveté of the classroom is extremely harsh. A handful get lucky and find great intern positions, or even better, paid positions in their actual field of study, but the majority find ourselves flailing wildly to find something that is even remotely close to what we set out to do.


Perhaps it is the “scraping by” that has made me so very desperate to find something that will support my daily life. And desperate does not look very pretty on me. It is nearly impossible to live on your own anymore. With one income you are forced to live pretty frugal. Secondhand stores and grocery outlets are your best friend. I’ve thought about getting a roommate but all my friends are all shacked up with their significant others (what’s up with that?), and Brother Serious says, “Absolutely not,” to my suggestion of us rooming together. What a ninny. I thought it was a wonderful plan.

Worst case scenario  – me and Baby Gil can share a room, and his baby food…

P.S. I thought this was an amazing idea and money saver.



5 thoughts on “The reality of a post-graduate life

  1. This is exactly how I’ve been feeling lately – from craving a career to considering strawberries a luxury! Is it only us English majors that suffer like this?

    1. I’m beginning to think so Jamie… I believe we chose the wrong major, however, I don’t think I could have studied anything different! We shall persevere… I hope anyway. Wanna split a thing of strawberries? 😉

      1. We should probably start a support group out here…meet at a coffee shop and wax poetic about our struggles!

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