Thoughts from work

I had a man come into the office the other day with a paper in hand, lucky me was the only one around at the moment so I went up to see what he was needing. He went off on this rampage about telemarketers calling his cell phone, the paper he had was a list of the multiple numbers that were harassing him several times a day. He was not the most articulate person, and it was hard to understand what he was talking about, but then once I had it figured out I was even more confused as to why he came to the newspaper with this problem. Did he want me to publish the numbers in our next edition?

It is so funny to see how people think the newspaper wields some kind of special power, they think we can solve all problems. Some believe we have a hand in making laws, others think I am the one that controls the housing market around these parts. I help with publishing the legal notices and somehow that turns me into a legal professional, which I am not, nor ever will be. I told that man he would have to contact his phone company in order to obtain any help in blocking the numbers, and assured him several times, as his temper grew, that I understood how frustrating it can be, yet I was not able to help him out here… at the newspaper…

I received a letter from an inmate seeking help with the predicament he found himself in. The newspaper was his last resort, I am not sure how we were supposed to help him. Do a cover story? Expose the truth, whatever that may be… He was being hated on by his arresting officers. He was being even more hated on by me and my absolute horror at his spelling. It was bad people.

People call and ask if I can help with their prescriptions. Um, no, I am not a drug dealer. But I sure can get you someone to help with your subscription. Elementary lessons here folks.

I had a man sweet talk me on the phone the other day while I was taking a classified ad for him. He called me beautiful. I’m not sure what he was trying to accomplish with that one, does it qualify as a compliment when they can’t see you? He also informed he was single, then laughed manically. Those are the kind of men I have hit on me.

We have people come in to check how their names are spelled in the public records section. One time we had a man who demanded a reprint because we spelled his last name wrong. So we obliged and printed his name and what he was arrested for a second time. We want to keep our readers happy.

I have a customer who chewed me out the other day because they received no phone calls on  their ad for an old 60″ TV – the dinosaur kind. They were selling it for $500 and you had to come haul it yourself. He just couldn’t understand why no one would want it, and thought surely it had to be my fault and the way I typed up his ad (word-for-word how he wanted it). No results must mean he doesn’t have to pay for his ad. Think again buddy.


I would say about 30% of the people I work with on a daily basis are pleasant and make things easy. One woman had a conversation with me about slightly hoarding things of her children’s, I told her my mom was the same way. She called me a sweetheart when we were done and started my day off nicely. It makes life a heck of a lot easier when people are just… well, nice. Sad that it is such a rarity.

This newspaper gig has definitely forced let me meet a wide assortment of people. Some I don’t necessarily need to have contact with, but others have potential to be a friend, or in the least, a good connection to have later on. Like the guy who is single, I may reach a point where I need to give him a call.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts from work

    1. Oh Lord it is so sad, isn’t it? I mean, some people are real pieces of work… you can do nothing more than just stare at them in awe at what is coming out of their mouth. I loved your last post about the dude fuming over his car, too funny!

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