My life is complete… In the blogging world

OMG guys! The Dimwit himself has officially followed my blog. I don’t know whether to cry, scream, or laugh with joy. He’s like the Great Bambino of WordPress. He’s freaking hilarious. (I sang that out like Jim Carrey…) One of the weirdest, creepiest, and entertaining’est blogs I have come across.

Oh Dimmy you just made my whole day!

I mean, it’s whatever, you know? It’s cool dog (dawg?)… you do what you want, I do what I want, and we’ll rule this WordPress site one fool’s follow at a time.


My writing sucks lately. I am just off kilter, out of sorts, hit a wall, petered out, my brain is lazy, etc., etc.

I have all these things that pop up during the week that would make for great blogging, but then I sit down and I just forget everything. Completely blank.

Got nuffin. As The Neph says.

I start and stop so many posts because I just run out of steam, run out of thoughts, run out of funny. Things flop, or don’t come out how I want. I grow bored with my own ideas.

See, this is why I have never been able to write anything longer than five chapters. This is why I flourished in the short stories.

I saw the greatest car today as I was driving to Crazy Lady’s to mooch lunch out of her fridge. It reminded me of the car off Six Feet Under.

I just tried searching for “old orange car with white top” and this is what I got:


No way! No flippin way! Crazy lady it looks just like one of your cats!

He must have eaten another cat.

Anyway, the car was sorta like this… but cooler. And I was a little jealous, I want some kind of statement car to drive around in. I stared at it and then the girl driving looked at me funny, and then things got awkward when I started following her.


Aunt Sassy-Pants had a sassy orange car I believe when she was younger… watch me be wrong about my facts… how embarrassing.

I do know for a fact that Mr. Green had the ugliest orange truck, that was jacked up beyond belief. Crazy Lady made him sell it when they got married, big shocker there. He still reminisces about that truck though, it’s apparent that they shared a deep connection with each other. They listened to a lot of Journey, REM, and Olivia Newton John together.

We need to track down that orange truck and reunite those two. I think it would be the one gift I could give my father that would make him well up with tears. We could get some Peaches & Herb playing in the background, catch it on tape, go viral on YouTube. It seems that’s the new fame everyone seeks these days.

Reunited and it feels so good…

I watched the latest episode of Mad Men on my lunch break. That Don Draper needs to figure his life out. And Peggy needs a new hairdo, desperately! Elisabeth Moss is a great actress but this show is not doing her justice in the looks department. Do any of you watch this show? I love it. It’s dark, and wonderful. So complex, almost a little too much this season because I’m sitting there completely confused during each episode.

You know what show I really miss, Boy Meets World. That show was my world, It had everything. Romance, bromance, action, drama, it was glorious! Someone, please, buy me all the seasons!

Okay, I better skedaddle folks before I embarrass myself in front of Bambino.


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