Got a fax from Westboro Baptist

Monday morning I get to work, do my usual routine of shoving my food in the fridge, checking messages and emails, and being instantly interrupted a dozen times by phone calls, and finally I mosey over to check the fax machine. Sitting there, waiting to be picked up, was a fax from the Westboro Baptist Church.

I immediately felt sick.

What was written on it was an update on the number of troops that have recently been killed. They rejoiced in the fact that they were dead. They called them all ‘fag soldiers.’ They announced they would be picketing the funerals, and listed all the names of those who passed away.

I wanted to throw up and cry at the same time.

The amount of hatred, the outright vulgarity, disgusts me. The word ‘fag’ alone is so terrible, it’s like a slap across the face. Not to mention many of the websites they listed as supporters were so crude in their names I don’t even want to repeat them on my blog.

Most everyone knows about this group, they get way too much publicity for what they do. Their fax went into the recycle bin, I should have put it through the shredder. It always shakes me up to see pure hatred from people. It’s even worse when they use God as their excuse to hate others. I feel truly sorry for them, they must not have learned yet what love is. They must not understand how God feels about His creation. Hopefully one day they will.

They are in love with being in hate, and that is extremely detrimental.

This is one of the most terrible things I have seen.

I shouldn’t allow for things like this to stir me up so much, it’s not healthy. But man, oh man, I just can’t wrap my head around it. Their reasoning, their focus, it’s just so skewed. I guess this isn’t any different than the Ku Klux Klan, or those extreme cult followings like Jim Jones and his Jonestown in Guyana. There will always be those people, there will, unfortunately, always be that hate.

They think they are right. They feel they are right. And they somehow are able to rationalize that treating people like scum is appropriate and somehow glorifying to God. It is heartbreaking to watch. It makes me want to love on those people that much more. Nobody deserves to be treated with such harshness, no matter how much you disagree with their life choices.

I’m hoping that is the last I hear from them for awhile, I don’t think I could handle another of their updates. I don’t know if I could resist faxing something back over…


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