Too darn hot

I received a very lovely surprise at work yesterday.

Pardon the fluorescent office lights, and cardboard box in the corner, oh office life.

They were from an anonymous sender, the card had no name, but there was a very thoughtful and encouraging message inside. It made my entire week. (My entire life!) I have only had flowers sent to me once before, so I was in shock when the deliverer said they were for me.

I don’t know if my sender knew my favorite colors were yellow and purple, or if they just enjoyed the combination as much as I do, but they are beautiful! And the office people are admiring them as much as I am, so that’s great. My picture doesn’t do them justice.

Thank you to my secret flower sender for brightening up my life, it was very much appreciated, and made me feel special. It is so nice to know someone is thinking of you. Whoever you are, you are very special too!

~ ~ ~

Everyone is all happy and loving the sunshine over here, putting on their short shorts and tanks, thinking they are all AE models. Slip on some aviators and brown leather sandals and we’re set for Summer.

In Eastern Oregon we have long, very drawn out Winters. Then we get these teaser days where it seems like the weather will change for the warmer, only for rainstorms and cold, windy nights to come along. People get very restless, and vitamin D deprived. I think this is how the Zombie Walk in Portland got started…

I personally like weather that is between 55-68 degrees. (To the degree.) Anything above that makes me hot and cranky, and usually fried like a stinkin’ lobster. It’s not pretty.  No one wants to be around me when I am cranky. I lose my mind and say outlandish things I don’t mean. Katelyn was built for cooler weather. Katelyn needs cool breezes and occasional rain showers.

To care for Katelyn:

– Place in cool, shadowed areas.

– Water daily.

– If rapid growth occurs it’s most likely the hair, no need to panic.


I looked at the forecast, it’s supposed to get up to 90 by this next weekend. It doesn’t ever sink below 80.

I might kill someone.

Crazy Lady loves the heat. Crazy Lady also has air conditioning. She was built to handle warmer weather. She thinks 65 is too cold. She loves Oregon but wishes we had California or Arizona weather. We once lived in California when I was little, littler I suppose, it was the only time I ever had a tan. It was also the only time I had kid neighbors to play with who had a swimming pool in their backyard and a small custom built playhouse… so suburban.

I love the sunshine, I love the flowers coming out and Mr. Green’s backyard oasis coming to life. I just hate feeling sweaty, stuffy, and uncomfortable. It’s always easier to warm up then it is to cool down. And it’s not all that attractive having sweat pour out of you. Gross… I just envisioned my skin like a Gusher. I wonder what flavor I would be…

Found it!

I would die in Florida with their humidity. I would crawl into the nearest shade and probably be eaten by a crocodile, and I wouldn’t even care because it would mean I wouldn’t be hot anymore. How do people live in such conditions?

Brother Serious put in my AC unit last weekend because he knew it was going to turn rather toasty here. He was trying to ease the wrath of my crankiness. “Just stay in your room where it’s nice and cool… please, just stay in there… for the love of God just stay in there.”

This is what happens when you Google “Too Darn Hot” in case you were wondering…

Oh yeah that is Michael Higgins folks.

And that is what I will leave you with for today.


4 thoughts on “Too darn hot

  1. Its the same way on the east coast. The winters are so miserable and depressing. Especially, the dark mornings and the sun setting before its even dinner. Now, the weather is fluctuating between nice, sunny days and chilly ones.

    1. I would not be surprised if we got snow next week…
      Here I was all jealous of East Coasters… maybe I need to be jealous of people in the middle of us. I feel ya on the sun setting early, it blows to get off work in the dark.

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