You oddball you

I am the oddball in my family.

People see me, then they see my family, and the response is always, “Wait, that is your sister?” “Whoa, that is your mom?” And one time I got a very serious, “How does it feel?” “How does what feel?” “To not look like your family? Is it hard?”

Well, let me tell you…

Sister Fierce is a skinny, olive-skinned, brunette, with big hazel eyes. She stole all the good genes and left the scraps for me to gather. Crazy Lady’s womb was apparently pretty lacking in luster while I was developing. I blame Sister Fierce for this. She has always gotten first dibs. Stupid seniority.

We are total opposites. I’m fluffy, pale, with blondish, curly hair, and the smallest, most ridiculous looking blue eyes. Blue eyes that are wasted because my eyes are so small you can’t see the color. I am pretty angelic though… I suppose that’s my saving grace.

Sister Fierce has always been rather serious, probably not quite as serious as Brother Serious but she’s a no-nonsense type person. She has a Type A personality. Everything has to be in order, her order, planned out five days in advance, always. She does not like surprises.

Here she is trying to smile:

She is going to kill me for this.

She was on her honeymoon… notice the sandy beach behind her… in freaking Cabo.

I have never traveled outside the country.

She was the track star in the family. Until I wrecked her car, with her in it, and ruined that for her. Surprise! I tried track in middle school, and hated it. I just didn’t have the speed for sprinting, I remember I cried at a track meet for not doing so great. I wasn’t last place, but I was quite a few away from first. I was more embarrassed that my Dad came to that meet only to watch me fail. Took time off work and everything. Sheesh, I am such a people pleaser.

She went to the State Finals. More than once.

Did I mention she went to freaking Cabo on her honeymoon? She swam with dolphins… supposedly.

I guess I’ll post a better picture of her so I don’t get scratched too badly.

This is Brother Godwin, and of course The Neph!

Sister Silent has followed in Sister Fierce’s footsteps. Both look at me like I’m absurd, and yet can’t help but laugh at my hilariousness. I am the weird sister that should be kept in a closet and only brought out for holiday dinners. In all seriousness, I have wondered if I am that weird relative that everyone is embarrassed of but would never tell me to my face.

Sister Silent is tall. Taller than Sister Fierce. She outgrew me when she was like ten. My baby sister looks like she’s a solid four years older than I am, at least. She has brunette hair, and big eyes like Sister Fierce. Now that she is in high school she has reached that point where it takes her the entire day to get ready.

This is the result of 5 hrs. in front of a mirror with a curling iron and makeup.

Sister Silent… well she sits in silence and tweets and uses Facebook, and texts. I honestly think she would die if she did not have a phone. Just flat out die. She doesn’t like to exert herself too much. She’s storing all that valuable energy up for when she turns 18 and can flee the house.

Apparently giving Crazy Lady a five year break before having her last baby revitalized the gene pool a bit.

Are you ready for this ladies?

One out of five times Brother Serious has cracked a smile.

Brother Serious, no surprise here, looks like the Sisters. He is single, in case any of my female readers were wondering… but we have high standards for whomever he dates. He takes after Mr. Green… just like the Sisters, that’s Mr. Green right there in that photo. That’s my Padre, the one that enjoys mowing his lawn. It was taken the morning of Sister Fierce’s wedding… as the women were mad dashing around to get our hair and makeup done and dresses on, they were enjoying a pleasant cup of coffee. Men have it so easy.

Brother Serious is a runner as well, he did cross country and sprinted on the track team. Yeah… he had the speed and the endurance. I’m waiting for when his metabolism finally slows… any day now… any day.

He’s a doer. He cleans, and fixes things, and is used to having to do favors for his three sisters. His sense of humor is dry sarcasm, he cracks himself up, which usually cracks us up. He plays video games, and likes his space.

Want to know where my small eyes come from?

This lady here.

Hello, my name is Crazy Lady.

I won’t make a smart remark about Crazy Lady and Sister Fierce’s collar bones. I won’t point out that they could cut someone with them. I won’t.

My family is pretty photogenic. It’s pretty stupid how good looking they are.

And last, and least… tall, here am I, the oddball.


It was a pretty humid day out. And I was under some stress…

Stop staring at the hair and awkward chins.

…. stop it.

Okay for reals here I am, the evil wizard behind the blog. Seriously, compare this picture to the last… pretty sad right?


I was/am the weird, “creative” one, who is passionate about artsy crap, likes to stare at paintings and watch foreign films. I am witty and will always remember when someone blunders because that is valuable joke material. I try to plan, but usually scrap those plans the minute they start.

One of these days I’ll be stick thin, die my hair dark, grow some thicker eyebrows, and stretch myself out another couple of inches.

But for now I have to go comb the knots out of my hair and watch a Quentin Tarantino film.


6 thoughts on “You oddball you

  1. If you keep your house in a orderly fashion your guest will respect that, slip their shoes off by the door and will sit nicely in your couch. However if you keep your house in messy fashion your guest will feel they can scrunch up your pillows, lay back and prop their muddy shoes on your coffee table. If you portray yourself to be the ugly duckling, the miserable misfit with only “crap” hobbies then that is how people will view you. Unfortunately not everyone has been given eyes to see the way Jesus sees. The real you, the Katelyn that He created beautiful with hair wild like your spirit. Untamed curls, because He would never want to put you in a “straight” jacket. Skin that is pale because He likes how delicate and sweet you look to him. Eyes that He created to be as beautiful as the sea, designed for your lover to be the one to look at them deep. Go on! Ask Him about your lips! What does he think of those? Stop dumping on His creation! He put a lot of work into you! He did things on purpose, He really thought you out! Study yourself as the Artwork of the Ultimate Artist!

    1. Well said Dev, and very true. I can hear your mom in that, who just happens to be one of the most knowledgeable, thoughtful, and beautiful women I know. Your heart is heard here! Thank you for the encouragement, and keeping me in check!

  2. It was a pretty humid day out and I was under some stress…….

    I almost peed my pants! I can go to bed now with a smile on my face.

    From one middle child to another, good night.

    1. Haha! I was hoping that would get some laughs out of people! I bust out laughing every time I see that picture… he’s the most ridiculous looking guy.
      Yay for being middle children! Oh and I’m happy to see you are still reading my posts!!

  3. That photo is hilarious, who is that?

    And you’re insane you realize that right? I just started reading today’s post and had to go back to see what you were talking about. Don’t know how I missed this one.

    You need to punch yourself in the head for thinking you aren’t absolutely darling and you have big eyes and a very good looking family, especially the middle girl.

    1. That is the one and only Phil Spector! He was arrested for murdering Lana Clarkson back in 2003. I remember watching his trials with Crazy Lady on Court TV. He was weird! But that photo is just too good not to be shared. I believe he is now getting his GED in prison…

      Haha, I will do a facepalm instead of a punch in the head, because I think if I did so my coworkers would think I were crazy. Thank you for the compliment! I will take darling and run with it!

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