Pickles and butter

The Neph is getting his tonsils taken out tomorrow. The last time he was scheduled for the extraction they cancelled and pushed it off a month due to the fact that his tonsils were badly infected…. say what? What a catch-22 that is. (Man, I’ve been dying to say that in a post, ever since I finished reading that book.) Fingers crossed they can rip those suckers out tomorrow, and get him to feeling better.

I asked him what kind of milkshake he wanted me to bring him once he’s back home.

“Strawberry with marshmallows.”

Disgusting, kid. I have to do it though. Once his heart is set on something there is no deterring, no shady business. No trying to slip in a strawberry-banana shake, or convincing him Oreo is better. Nope, this Aunt is going to have to go buy a strawberry shake and stir in the marshmallows… the things I do for this child.

He’s such a weirdo.

I drove past a Golden Retriever yesterday,  Sister Silent and Brother Serious were with me. I made the comment, “Look at him sitting there all regal.”

They had never heard that word before. They thought I  was making it up, they were positive it was in my head.

Regal: of notable excellence or magnificence ~ Merriam-Webster Dictionary

 Thank God I found it, I was beginning to think I made it up too.

He looked like this.
He looked just like this.

I also corrected Crazy Lady on using the word “unthaw” also known as “to freeze”…  I say it all the time, thanks to mom, who got it from Grandma Magoo, who got it from who knows who. Unthaw is not in the dictionary, I checked. Either is “refreeze” which we use a lot in my family. Apparently we like frozen things.

It was a good weekend to be an English major. There aren’t many of those… good weekends that is. There are tons of English majors.

I made a pesto, mozzarella, arugula, and chicken pizza last night on whole wheat pizza dough. It was okay. I baked it a little too long. And then I kind of kicked myself for not waiting to make it on a night where I had people over. I never have food in the house when people are over.

“I got pickles…. and… some sticks of butter. I call the butter!”

I don’t go all out when I cook dinner for myself. Over half the time it’s just throwing random ingredients together. Chicken, fish, and ground turkey are my meat staples. Asparagus, sweet potatoes, lettuce, and brussels sprouts are my vegetables. I just now realized I don’t eat a lot of fruit… Well, whatever. I have realized that when you are only cooking for yourself it’s not as fun as making meals for other people. I am less motivated to run to the store for those extra ingredients.

One night I was desperately hungry, and I was out of everything. Everything being cereal and milk, my first go-to for meals. So I ransacked my cupboards and decided I was going to make myself a home cooked meal. I threw together elk steak, brown rice, broccoli, edamame, and a can of cream of chicken. It was… interesting. Crazy Lady would have been ashamed. I was ashamed. I still ate it.

I experiment and sometimes it comes out good, and other times it comes out like a globule of glue. (I have waited to say globule forever too.) I normally fall back on my famous taco salad that consists of lettuce, ground turkey with taco seasoning, onions, tomatoes, and some sour cream. It’s not special at all, and it will never become famous outside my small kitchen.

I can’t afford to buy a crap ton of groceries to make meals. I have to stick with the basics to survive. Life cereal, Kix, Raisen Bran, Honey Bunches of Oats. Those are the basics. Maybe throw in some greek yogurt, string cheese, and oranges. That would feed me for over a week. I learn to live on little. Like a small Katelyn mouse. You can find me in the corner nibbling on an apple.

Sometimes I conveniently find something I need to drop off at my parent’s house around 6’ish. Then I somehow find myself with a plate in hand. “Can I stay for dinner? Well, sure, I guess so…” I say to no one. I think they have caught on. Last week I didn’t even bother coming up with an excuse I just stopped by my sister’s for dinner. The Neph asked, “Why are you here?” So rude. “To mooch off your parents. Aunt Katelyn is poor, hungry, and so very cold…” He just laughed at me. The nerve of some people. I should have ate his share of applesauce and really stuck it to him.

Tonight the menu is leftover pizza and a run to burn it off.


5 thoughts on “Pickles and butter

  1. Again made me laugh out loud and go “uh-huh, I do that too”. By the by, I think it’s awesome that when I read your stuff I hardly find any mistakes and/or typo’s. Something that is rare for me. I’m always correcting people’s grammar and/or spelling. 🙂

    1. Lol, I don’t know how many times I will go back and read through my posts to double check for punctuation or grammar mistakes. Biggest fear right there… haha.

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