Adventures with danny

I took my dad’s dog running last night for the first time. Danny, the Golden Retriever. The love of Mr. Green’s life. He was really excited when he heard his leash and choke collar banging against each other. Probably not as excited when he saw I was the one holding them. Whatever, he had a good time.

I took him to the cemetery to run. That’s right, I run in a cemetery. It’s quiet (for obvious reasons), and I don’t have to worry about running into people… or cars. This one is on a hill that is a country block away from my parent’s abode. It’s as big around as a track, but I get the option of running on an incline if I so please, which I normally don’t please… but do anyway. I have dragged Sister Silent in there before to run, she got freaked out. Okay, so yeah, I go later in the evening while the sun is setting, and shadows are rising… it’s really not as creepy as you would think. I just turn my music up loud so I don’t get spooked by squirrels making noise. That’s what I tell myself the noise is from. Stupid squirrels.

I have been trying to condition my shins so they don’t splint. Annoying and completely unnecessary pain. I have gone into the dark holes of the internet (that sounds way worse than I meant) studying over- and under-pronation, heel strikes, shoes, tape, and stretches. I bought myself a pair of these beauties a few weeks ago with birthday money, like a 10-year-old I had to use saved up birthday money, whatever:


They are Ghost 5’s from Brooks, if you don’t recognize their emblem. They are voted the best running shoe by Runner’s World. They’re okay. They are light super breathable, and supportive as all get out. I was an Asics wearer for years and then bought a couple pair of Saucony’s the past couple years. I bought these because the reviews seemed to make them sound like a miracle shoe and I was at my wit’s end trying to find the perfect pair of running shoes that would solve my shin woes. I don’t know if these are them yet, but so far they’ve done well. “That’ll do Brooks, that’ll do.”  

Danny will be training for a marathon with me. If Mr. Green continues to let me take him out of his sight. And if I continue being diligent. I am not a serious runner. Not like those track kids from high school and college who race and time themselves, or such silly things. But I like to run, I enjoy it, strangely enough. 

My friend Mod remarked that my last post was a “I just feel like writing” kind of post, and I am pretty sure this one falls in the same category. I may be dealing with a writer’s worst nightmare… the block. Lord help me.


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