From fat to baby to faces… or something like that

My WordPress friend Maggie officially has over 1000 followers.

Sheesh! That’s a lot of eyes reading your stuff there Mags. Congratulations to you for that success! I slightly hate you as is only natural, right?

Maggie is a fellow Oregonian blogger, which is strangely hard to find here on WordPress, or maybe I just haven’t really taken the time to search them out. She is hilarious, and makes me feel normal. She is loyal in her reading of my awkward posts, and she leaves comments when others don’t. Thanks Maggie O’C for that. Here’s a link to her blog in case you would like to read some of her stuff. “Someone Fat Happened.” Congratulate her on her upcoming wedding (that I hope to see pictures of, hint hint) while you are there.

Here is to you Maggie –

Ironically I shy away from reading books that have her stamp on it… senseless rebellion really.

I am in the midst of planning Sister Fierce’s baby shower… with the help, thank God!, from many. I feel as if I was just planning her bridal shower. Sister Fierce is going to have to churn out twice the amount of effort for whenever these things happen in my life. Sister Fierce… are you reading this right now? Twice the effort. 

Gilbert will be here before we know it. And then I will have twice the amount of presents to buy.

I am doing a “little man” theme. Bow ties, and such things. Pinterest has ruined parties. No longer are the days where cake and punch were all you needed. Now it’s  all about elaborate birdcages, props, and creative foods. I should just buy a bag of mixed nuts and set it on a table, people would freak. Twice the effort Sister Fierce, twice the freaking effort. 

I’m thinking on a smaller scale, like this:


And then you have others that want this:


Yeah. An ice sculpture. Of a pacifier…

Sorry Gil you’re not getting that. Ever.

I don’t have much to write about really. Everything that is happening in my life seems so small and trivial compared to what is happening in the news lately. All those who have been injured and shook up by the Boston Marathon bombing are facing far more heavier woes than I am. At least we have been able to witness some true heroism from fellow Americans, as well as watching the country support and sympathize with all those who were involved. It is scary to see what people are capable of doing, with no apparent regret or sense of guilt for the destruction caused by their evil deeds.

Also thought this video was interesting – watched it this morning and shed a tear or two before work:


2 thoughts on “From fat to baby to faces… or something like that

  1. I should just buy a bag of mixed nuts and set it on a table, people would freak.

    Really did l o l

    So don’t ever filter it, just let it keep rolling on. It’s a beautiful thing.

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