Brother Godwin is turning old too

I have a confession to make, a guilty habit that I can’t keep hidden anymore. I am obsessed with the show ‘The Voice.’ Not a gross “I-stalk-the-contestants” obsession, but more “I-get-hyperemotional” obsession. I cry. I do, you have to understand I am not normally a crier. Well, I am, but it has to be something that hits hard like Shindler’s List, or Up.

These contestant’s stories are just insanely heartbreaking. The cynic in me always wonders how true they are… and then my sarcastic me comes out and says, “Man that urban youth pastor doesn’t stand a chance against the boy who’s dad has passed, and mom is dying from cancer.” Of course this is me talking to myself. Not a friend or family member watches this show. So I cry, laugh, and voice my opinion, alone, in my apartment, for only my bird figurine to hear.

My life has turned sad, really quick.

Anyway, the show is funny, you should watch it. It is far better than American Idol, where no matter how many different auditions they go through they still seem to find the poppiest of pop singers alive. (Nothing against pop really… I guess.) The Voice has a much broader spectrum of genres and artists… blah, blah, I just love Adam Levine.

Sister Silent posted this birthday wish on our brother-in-law's Facebook page.
Sister Silent posted this birthday wish on our brother-in-law’s Facebook page.

My brother-in-law celebrated his birthday yesterday. I got the funniest card for Brother Godwin, I haven’t given it to him yet, I am waiting for his birthday party this weekend. He probably won’t find it as funny. I don’t think he finds me all that funny either. He’s old and senile now, so I don’t think he knows what is funny.

Brother Godwin has taken exceptional care of Sister Fierce and The Neph. He has tamed the fierceness.

Brother Godwin wears terrible cowboy boots, that click when he walks. They are black and brown. He thinks they match everything because they are both black and brown.

Brother Godwin married someone that will help with his fashion.

Brother Godwin eats lots of salsa. And chips. And cheese. Tillamook cheddar cheese. I stole some slices off his brick yesterday.

Brother Godwin is good with numbers. He finds tax season to be the most wonderful time of the year.

Brother Godwin is weird.

Brother Godwin will probably never read this section about him. But Sister Fierce will. Hi Sister Fierce!

Brother Godwin does not believe anything told to him unless it is backed up with substantial proof. Lots of proof.

Brother Godwin likes to debate with me. Well, and everyone. He’s a debater. He should be a lawyer.

Brother Godwin is not a lawyer, he does stuff at a credit union. I still have no idea what Brother Godwin does for work. Doles out loans?

Brother Godwin likes to watch movies. I like this about Brother Godwin.

Brother Godwin is one of the last humans alive that still play racquetball. And he is pretty serious about it.

Brother Godwin listens to audiobooks. I don’t know why I find this so funny, but I am laughing as I type it…

Brother Godwin humors my family and our crazy ways. We humor him and his crazy ways, that’s what family does right?

I am very thankful for him, despite the teasing and such. My family stressed and worried about the type of man that would fill the shoes of stepdad to my nephew, we prayed that God would plop someone down into my sister’s life that would be exactly what she and her little man needed. Brother Godwin was the answer to that prayer, I don’t believe any of us even questioned it. From their first date we just knew. The Neph started calling him ‘Dad’ without any urging from anyone, only a few short weeks after the wedding, which was a relief to us all as those situations are tricky. He looks to him for support and comfort, and is learning lots from him.

Now Brother Godwin is going to be a daddy again, he probably never thought that life changes would happen so quickly. Baby Gilbert is going to have a great dad.

Baby Gilbert will never own a pair of black and brown cowboy boots.


3 thoughts on “Brother Godwin is turning old too

  1. I watched the Voice last night. I LOVE it! LOVE! I’m so happy Shakira is on, she is adorable. I don’t miss Christina and her boobs at all. Usher is darling. Adam and Blake are hilarious. I have been hooked since the very first episode.

    As for crying movies, Wow you went for the gut there didn’t you. I can never see Schindler’s List again because I got absolutely hysterical when I saw it in the theater. I took my girls to see Up not long after my mom died and the three of us were sobbing within 20 minutes.

    1. Christina would always annoy the crud out of me! I was a little skeptical about Shakira and Usher but I have to say I think this is my favorite season so far… at least with the judges!

      I will never watch Shindler’s again either. I tried one time and shut it off after the first five minutes… it is too intense! UP made me bawl like a baby! The whole montage of their life was just brilliant!

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