A little on grandma magoo

I have been obsessed with this group lately, The Oh Hellos.

Seriously, they are too good. Real, original music – so hard to come by anymore. Everyone is trying to sound like everyone else. It’s annoying.

I especially like their group name… “Oh hello great and fabulous music making people.”

I am taking The Neph to go see The Croods tonight. The poor child has been sick so much this past Winter with case after case of strep throat. He was scheduled to get his tonsils removed on Thursday but because he came down with another “strep-like” case of sickness they won’t operate. So he has to wait until next month when the doctor can fit in the 13 minute surgery. I figured he needed a special treat. So we’ll smuggle in our usual candy and soda and escape the world for a couple hours.

The Neph’s mom, Sister Fierce, sent me a video of Baby Gilbert kicking away in her stomach. It was weird to watch. I mean, there is something growing inside of her… it’s creepy guys. I remember being told that if I ate a watermelon seed it would grow into a watermelon inside my stomach. That also freaked me out. I didn’t eat watermelon for awhile.

It’s Grandma Magoo’s birthday tomorrow. I’m not sure how old she is, 73? I’ll have to ask Crazy Lady if I am right. Grandma Magoo is endearing. She loves animals, all animals really. She used to decorate her kitchen with cows and roosters. Magnets, pot holders, dish towels, they either had a moo-moo or a doodle on it. (We say doodle now because when we were teaching The Neph what sound a rooster makes you can imagine what word he got stuck on saying… I am not making that mistake with Little Bri.) Grandma Magoo had lots of cats, dogs, and rabbits. Lots and lots. My Grandpa could never say no it seems, although I know for a fact a few of those dogs were his doing.

One time someone, who will remain anonymous… accidentally dropped some super glue into the rabbits cage. And the rabbit died a week later. I’m not saying it was the super glue, but it probably was.

We lived with Grandma Magoo and Grandpa for a few months while Mr. Green (father) was finding us a house in Brian, OH, he had gotten a transfer/title promotion. So in a small three bedroom, 1 bath house we crammed in Crazy Lady and her three children, Sister Fierce, me, and Brother Serious, as well as both grandparents, and Aunt Crafty-Pants. It was awesome.

For breakfast Grandma Magoo served burnt toast with butter and a small glass of OJ. We ate lots of Cheerios and Cream of Wheat cereal because Grandpa was a diabetic and couldn’t have the sugary stuff… although he’d always sprinkle a spoonful of raw sugar on top of his cereal anyway.

Lunch was bologna sandwiches, with a slice of cheese on the side, apple slices, and potato chips (sour cream and onion) or Cheeto puffs. Sometimes Mac & Cheese, or tuna sandwiches. Grandma Magoo always put relish in her tuna, I never liked that much. She always bought the old school popsicles with the two handles that came in big bags.

I tried to find a picture of the blue ones… those were the best! And you only got like three in a bag, so we fought over them.

Grandma Magoo would make really good cookies, they were always soft. She taught me to stick a piece of bread in with them so they stayed softer longer. Thanks Grandma Magoo!

She had mint green Tupperware. I wish I could find some now… it would be considered vintage. Does anyone have any they want to give me?


Grandma Magoo comes to every birthday celebration and spends the majority of holidays with my family. She will compliment you up and down on a dish you baked or made, but if we ever eat out her common response is, “I’ve had better.” Never fails. She thinks my pies are fantastic, and any meal my mom makes is great. If I told her my pies were store bought she would probably says, “I’ve had better, yours are better.”

Funny story #1:

Grandma Magoo was taught by her mother to dry her doilies by pinning them to the bed so they are nice and flat.

These are doilies, in case you were wondering.
These are doilies, in case you were wondering.

Grandma Magoo did this one day, hand washed her lacy decorative accents, pinned them to her bed and walked away… probably went off to feed her cats and dogs. Grandpa came home to find his waterbed losing water. Yep, Grandma Magoo pinned her doilies into a waterbed. Oops.

Crazy Lady does an outstanding job taking care of Grandma Magoo, she stepped in when Grandpa passed away. She buys Grandma Magoo’s groceries, takes her to all her doctor’s appointments, manages her money, doles out her medications, and figures out whatever problems arise – cable issues, rent issues, insurance issues, etc. Crazy Lady does this all on top of juggling her own work and family life… because my siblings and I still run to mom for help with our problems too.

Tomorrow we will be taking Grandma Magoo to a Chinese/Japanese restaurant… she likes Chinese food, we like sushi. It’s a happy compromise.

Funny story #2:

My family went on vacation, Grandma Magoo checked up on our house while we were away, made sure our cats were fed. She locked herself out, panicked, and her first reaction was to throw a brick through the back window. It did nothing but leave a scratch on the glass (thank goodness for strong window panes). Silly Grandma. She called to tell us this while we were still on vaca, and we laughed and laughed… after making sure there was no damage of course.

You may understand now why I call her Grandma Magoo.

I love the woman, she certainly makes life interesting.


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