Thinking aloud

I was reading a Facebook debate (mistake #1) over the human equality issue. A lot of profile pictures are beginning to look like this:


The Human Rights Campaign instructed those who support gay marriage to, “paint the town red.” So there is your explanation on that. I was slightly confused at first because the symbol did not quite scream to me “same-sex marriage.” It actually looked more like the top of a door, so I had to do some investigating, especially when I saw more and more of my Facebook people adopting it. My first thought was, “How interesting that they would choose the color red, why is that?” My assumption is because it is the color related to love? Those who oppose same-sex marriage but support the Heart Foundation better watch out because Human Rights is pushing their supporters to also dress in the color red.

Back to the debate. It was between two men that I went to high school with… I have to call them men now because we are all officially 25, the horror! One of them had changed his profile picture to this:


The other did not like that so much. He knows gay people, and because of this knows how painful it is for them to not have the same right as heterosexual people. He said, “My views have changed on the topic. I’ve gotten to know a few gay people. I’ve learned and changed because of it. I hope someday you will change your mind as well.” Apparently he is assuming the other guy knows no gay people and that is why he is against same-sex marriage. Oh people.

I do not believe that the majority who oppose same-sex marriage do so because they don’t know gays. I also don’t believe it’s because they feel those who are gay are lesser people because of it. I realize, of course, that there exist those extremist who unfortunately do believe this. I think that a big chunk of those who oppose same-sex marriage do so because of their belief system. Others are aware of this, they label that chunk as the, “religious, closed-minded ones.”

I receive a lot of heat at times for being a Christian, my beliefs seem too outdated, too parochial for some. I am placed in a corner and told I am a hater, judgmental, evidently I loathe others whose opinions differ from my own. I am seen as being immature, ridiculous, less in intellect, unable to relate, I  just “don’t know anything.” Okay, I can understand that. Christians have given themselves a bad rep, and unfortunately I have to deal with the consequences. What I cannot understand is the blind hypocrisy of those people who paint me that way. Are you not judging me based on the fact that I am a Christian, and differ in my opinion from yours?

Maybe it’s a good thing I believe in the Bible, “Judge not, lest thee be judged.” Hmm?

That is my short little outburst of frustration there.

No more reading Facebook debates man. They bring me no good. It’s like reality TV. You think you’ll just try out one episode of Duck Dynasty and before you know it, it’s 10 p.m. and you just finished a marathon. Speaking of Duck Dynasty here’s a clip that I think is pretty cool… if you can’t make it through the 4 minutes then that’s just sad, but at least scroll to hear the last 20 seconds of what he says!


9 thoughts on “Thinking aloud

    1. The equality sign, they have a ton now for people to choose from on Facebook, but I still haven’t found anything on why they chose red, do you know?

      1. Run the Google haha, I like that! Let me know what you find!
        I’m glad I’m not the only one that didn’t see the equal sign at first!

      2. I can’t find anything other than that equal sign is the corporate logo for the Human Rights Campaign but normally it is in blue and yellow. Dunno.

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