Oscars, rubbish, and things

I am the lamest. I have had nothing to write about lately. Do you know I have seven drafts set aside on here? All have about a few paragraphs and then an abrupt stop where apparently my brain just shut itself off. “No Katelyn, no more.”

Brother Serious and I went to lunch yesterday. Not much is open in a small town on a Sunday so we found ourselves in a packed Denny’s. Because we bear no resemblance I always feel a little sorry for Brother Serious as I am sure many mistake us for being a couple. Poor guy. Doesn’t help when he pays my half of the bill. We had a good conversation. Yeah, we really did. I learned my brother dances sometimes, and that he bought a new pair of running shoes…

Brother Serious has three roommates, all females, two of which are single. I touched on this before in my post on Brother Serious being Jesus (in my family), read here. One of these girls is a dancer on the University’s dance team. She is gorgeous. I stalked her on Facebook, as is my habit, and my jaw dropped when I saw who was occupying the bedroom across the hallway from my baby brother. He failed to mention how pretty she was. He only comments on how he has breakfast and dinner made for him often. I guess that goes to show you what a man really wants. She mentioned to him that in one of her English classes they had to read some of my old work, apparently Professor Beret and some others were using it as an example. This is what spurred me to search for gorgeous Roommate D. It became about me, so of course I jumped into action. Anyway, Roommate D thought my writing was funny, therefore I like Roommate D. She can make my brother food whenever she wants. As long as it’s not while wearing her dancing outfits.

So here is Baby Gil.


He’s cute, right?

Last night I watched The Oscars with Sister Fierce and The Neph…

The Neph

Soon Gilbert will be making that face at me. The Neph was not as interested in the gowns and interviews as Sister Fierce and I. Instead, we colored and played with some Legos. He made a race car, I made a house. After we put those away The Neph asked, “What game do you want to play next?”

“How about the sit-on-the-couch-and-watch-The-Oscars game?” He wasn’t so thrilled… so I downloaded Angry Birds on my new  smart phone and he played that while I laughed at Seth Macfarlane’s jokes. Seth Macfarlane is hilarious.

My favorite outfits of the night (as if you care, but whatever):



I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt. My sister didn’t recognize Captain America, “What happened to all his muscles?” Black is slimming.

I want to have an Oscar after-party with Daniel Day-Lewis, Queen Latifa, and Channing Tatum, just to watch the awkwardness unfold. I really would love to have a party with Daniel Day-Lewis, I love that man, he deserved the best actor award fo’ sho’… I’ll never do that again, I promise.

So in other news…

Danny, the Golden Retriever my parents adopted a few months ago, is sucking up all the attention of Mr. Green. I mean it’s disgusting really. Danny likes to sit in Mr. Green’s lap. Danny likes to lay by Mr. Green’s shoes and wait for him to come home from work. Danny likes to drop slimy tennis balls by Mr. Green to play indoor fetch. We cannot say fetch, though, around Danny because he goes berserk… in a bad way. Previous owner issues I guess. When you’re eating Danny looks at you with these brown eyes that I swear hit you right in your soul. I have yet to cave and give him something because I know the wrath of Mr. Green would be far greater than the love Danny would give.

I have been into these guys lately:

Alabama Shakes. She seriously might be my new hero. I want a band full of men to back me up…

That’s all I got for now folks. I’ll try to actually write a serious post here soon.


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