Me vs. sister silent. 90s vs. 2000s

First thing is first.

Why is it SO hard to drink water? My poor body is dehydrated, I can feel it! My fingers are all puffy and beginning to look like little sausages, and I hate sausage! There is a water cooler at work, but I forget to go fill my water bottle up. I go home and I forget to fill a glass. If I had little elves that filled up water bottles for me, carried them around, basically did the small amount of effort it takes to get water, then I would drink more of it. I think. I am ridiculous. I throw my hands up at myself. Throw my hands up like I just don’t care. Except I do, so whatever.

I don’t know what I’m saying anymore.

Um, so what about those Oregon Ducks, eh? That’s about all I can say on the matter… they won, right? Kidding, I know they won, I just googled to make sure.

Welcome to my blog, I apologize if this is the first post you are reading. I promise it can only get better from here.

I hope it can only get better from here…

Okay here we go, my real post.

I was born in ’88, so I am a child of the 90’s. I don’t realize how much this has affected me until I hang out with Sister Silent who is a child of the new millennium, the 2000’s.

My favorite TV show growing up:

Boy Meets World


My sister’s favorite TV show:

The Jersey Shore


Lots of “swag” going on here, something I didn’t find out the definition of until about three months ago.

This was my Polly Pocket:


And this was her Polly Pocket:

images-1That doesn’t make sense! It doesn’t fit in your pocket…

This was my cell phone growing up:


It was very exciting when we got caller-id. “So cool, you can see who is calling you!”

My sister’s cell phone world:


You actually see who is calling you…

The boy bands of my time:



And they were all very serious artists. Don’t let the hair fool you.

Bands that are from Sister Silent’s childhood:


They were NEVER GONE guys! Really they just couldn’t stay away.

“We’re 30 and don’t have teenage girls chasing us anymore, what do we do with ourselves?”

We come back baby.

Sister Silent would kill me if I allowed people to think she actually listened to Backstreet Boys, she does not just to make that clear. She got the awesome Adam Levine in Maroon 5.


We thought this movie was terrifying.


You barely even saw ‘Ghostface’ slice and dice.

This is the flavor of scary movies my sister grew up with:


I don’t know if she ever actually watched one of these, but you can bet that a good chunk of the teens today have seen every one of them. I can’t even look at the picture for long without squirming in my seat. Yuck.

More TV shows from when I grew up:


Which all rocked, did not make you deaf from the high pitched voices, and didn’t need bright flashy colors to keep your attention… like this does:


My poor little sister will never know the humor behind orange soda, let alone who Kenan & Kel are.


These were some of the coolest toys to have:


Only the rich kids had the Talkboy (the last one). And of course I cannot forget the beloved Tamagotchi’s.


In the fourth grade there was one kid who forgot to turn the sound off on his, he had it inside his desk and it kept beeping every time his pet pooped. The teacher got annoyed and finally told him she was taking it away for the rest of the day and shoved it into one of her drawers forcing this boy into the saddest bout of tears. If his pet spent all day in the teacher’s desk then he wouldn’t be able to feed it or clean up it’s droppings… it would DIE! It was devastating, we all felt his pain.

Sister Silent grew up where kids had toys like these:


See the “games” were inside these machines! Crazy.

Oh wait, I forgot one, this was one of Sister Silent’s favorites when she was little:


Should I even go here…

The fashion of the 90’s… it was a hodge podge, a hot mess, a time where quite literally anything went.


Because my sister won’t know who this television icon was, let me introduce Clarissa from the very popular TV show “Clarissa Explains It All” on Nickelodeon. She had a friend who used to visit her by climbing a ladder up to her window. He would be arrested now.

Notice her scrunchie, side pony, her oversize vest, her purple leggings with shiny ankle boots, and the obvious attempt at combining every pattern possible into one outfit… a true diva in her time.

Anyone ready for surfing? The 90’s brought us those too-awesome-for-words wind jackets, the neon colors, and that glimpse of white sock above the tennis shoe.



Oversized clothing. You literally tried to buy two sizes too big. And leather. Lots of leather. Notice the woman in the back behind Leo… leather. (And a maxi dress, which can I point out has made it’s comeback?)


Double-reverse front pleated pants. This was the outfit for rich businessmen. The swag back then.


Hoop earrings. On men. Thank you Brian Austin Green from 90210… the original 90210.

Oh and we can’t forget the hair that was parted straight down the middle.


Sister Silent’s fashion realm:


But Katelyn those girls look normal and put together.


The 2000’s brought back structured skirts, embellished tops, skinnier jeans, and statement jewelry that was acceptable for anyone to wear not just celebrities. And VINTAGE! My sister got to grow up in a decade that looked to the past for its inspiration, pulled from the best of fashion.

Not to mention menswear became much more tailored again and the worlds of professional and casual collided in the most beautiful of ways.

menswear resurgence_header

There was, and still is, the ability to throw on a suit jacket and make almost any outfit look dressy. Men have it so easy.


And look what else made its comeback in the 2000s – the hairband:


The internet has changed radically from when I was younger. Not just the dial-up connection but the look of the internet.

Here is Yahoo’s webpage from the early 1990’s, glorious.


We said world-wide web without any sarcasm or tongue-in-cheek.

Yahoo’s page in 2000s:


Sister Silent doesn’t even know what dial-up sounds like. She has always lived in a house with a computer, and a DVR option. She got a cellphone the same year I did. I was 18, she was nine.  I get ahold of her through text better than if I tried calling. She streams shows on her iPod. If I had seen that when I was seven it would have been in some futuristic movie.

These were the computers we had in our schools clear up till I was a sophomore in high school.


She has no clue how to fix a messed up tape cassette with a pencil, how to find a radio station by turning a dial on the boombox, or that getting a cordless phone was super exciting.

She does not know the anxiety, raw fear, and horror of Y2K. I thought I was going to have to dig a well in my backyard…

She will never know where in the world Carmen Sandiego is!!!

This was one of my favorite past times, all the cool kids did it.


Rollerblades! Everyone had a pair. I even went to a roller rink one time for a friend’s birthday party.

My sister’s generation had/has activities like this:


So yeah, our age gap may not seem like much at times, but when I really get down to it Sister Silent and I grew up in two completely different worlds. I am shocked we can even communicate adequately with one another.



4 thoughts on “Me vs. sister silent. 90s vs. 2000s

  1. It happens every generation. There was no internet when I was growing up. None, no dial-up nothing. No computers, we used typewriters. No remotes. Cable arrived when I was in my teens, I think at least jr. high. And don’t get me started on the shows!!

    this is fun! xo mag

    1. I remember desperately wanting my Great Grandmother’s electric typewriter when I was in high school. “It’s practically brand new,” she told me. I thought it would make me a “real” writer… my parents said no to dragging the big clunky case home. Now I am on the constant lookout for vintage typewriters to use as home decor. 😉

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