I am a christian and i love christmas trees

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Everywhere you go! Everywhere you go in this valley anyway. My blog is indeed read by God as we just got dumped with snow over the weekend. Like a lot of snow. And I have no boots. I wear Converse and flats still. Like a ninny.


This is my favorite time of year. I turn into the sappiest version of Katelyn when it is Christmas time. I try to conjure up the warm, fuzzy Christmas moments that you see in all the old movies. What did they have in the 40s and 50s that we are missing now? James Stewart for one, and classy clothing. Women entrapped in the home, slaving away for their menfolk… I would be a kick-butt housewife. I would drink coffee and watch TV all day, maybe vacuum and pop a frozen lasagna in the oven when it started getting dark. Possibly consider having children to take care of. Demand a golden retriever puppy.

Anyway, I love Christmas. I never believed in Santa Claus however, and even though I was excited to receive gifts I was always more thrilled to watch everyone open the gifts I got them. Christmas movies, music, lights, cards, and food of course, are among some of my favorite things. I really love the holiday because everyone is so much nicer to each other. We take time out of our lives to think of those less fortunate and help where we can, to reflect on what we are grateful for, and we take moments to appreciate the family and friends who stand by and love us, even when we are ninnies who wear flats in the snow.

I know there is a lot of opposition when it comes to Christmas in the Christian world. I would be chastised as a pagan by many, maybe even by some in my church, because of my love for some of the holiday traditions. I think sometimes people focus way too much on small things like a Christmas tree in a living room, or lights up on the outside of houses. Calling someone a pagan is not exactly showing them love…

I have the best dad in the world. I really mean the world too. Mr. Green got me a Christmas tree this weekend, trimmed it and hauled it up my apartment stairs for me. What a guy! Then I proceeded to decorate it while munching on popcorn and watching It’s A Wonderful Life in honor of him because that is one movie he knows every line of. I have ornaments that my mom got us kids every year growing up. For us decorating the tree was always fun, we would pull all our ornaments out, read who they were from, remember the Christmas we got them, try to place them all up front. My mom would, of course, rearrange them all after we had gone to bed. It was fun times. Now our ornaments are all scattered on different trees. I put mine up because I wanted to please my mother, and because I am a sap and enjoyed seeing them all again.


I collected the Crayola series, this is one of my favorites.

I can understand why some Christians disagree with the idea of Christmas trees. They see it as a form of idol worship, or have traced the Christmas tree origin back to some pagan root. I know that Scandinavians placed evergreens inside their homes, or right outside their doors in tribute to Spring’s arrival.* And I also heard of  Saint Boniface who in 722 went to Germany and found pagans cutting down an oak tree to make a stake in order to sacrifice a child. Saint Boniface cut the tree down with one blow, ordered the sacrifice to be stopped, and a fir sprang up from inside the oak. They felt this was a holy sign, the branches growing upward, a symbol of the eternal life God offers.* He instructed the people to place the evergreens inside their homes and to surround the tree with gifts of love and kindness.


So even though there were pagans involved, still the tree itself was in honor to God and what he brings. It was brought to America by German settlers, who were seen as ridiculous for decorating trees of all things. I have never been prouder of my German ancestry. So, do I agree with the bad rep Christmas trees have? Nope, not at all.

What I guess I find most confusing about some of the major opposition some Christians have for Christmas trees is that their heavy disapproval almost becomes idolatry itself. Hear me out. They place so much importance on the Christmas tree that they are indeed giving the very thing they are against more control/power then it needs to have. Hm. The Brownsville revival had a song they called “Enemy’s Camp” it goes a little something like this:

Well, I went to the enemy’s camp and
I took back what he stole from me.
I went to the enemy’s camp and
I took back what he stole from me.

I learned that song in Children’s Church, I still remember the hand motions. Why can’t we turn something that came from pagan roots into something that honors God? Why don’t we just take back what Satan has turned into his? Am I just crazy here or does it all seem a little too easy to right what seems to be wrong?

I am a Christian and I love Christmas trees. I feel like I need to be in some kind of support group. I love the lights I hung in my huge apartment windows, the music I have begun playing at night, the cookies and treats I plan on baking for my family, and the movies that I will be watching nonstop. I am a Christian who loves how it is the simple things of the season that have us reflecting on the greater reason we are honoring. It’s the most wonderful time of the year because more people, whether they realize it or not, draw closer to God all at once.

In honor of the holiday season I’m creating one of my famous lists. These are some of my all time favorite Christmas movies, if you can name them all based off the pictures then you are invited over to watch them with me! Yeah… there will be cookies and hot cocoa too.

Katelyn’s favorite Christmas movies of all time: 


If anyone knows this movie off the top of their head I will be impressed:


*Due to the fact that I had it drilled into me during college to back up my information with some type of reference, I thought I would include two websites that help to explain the origin of the Christmas tree. So, if you were curious, or wanted to make sure Katelyn wasn’t making up crazy stories and passing them off as history, check them out yourself.

History.Com’s History of Christmas Trees

The Origin of the Christmas Tree


4 thoughts on “I am a christian and i love christmas trees

  1. I like that little song. There was a house in England that was the home of a blatant Satan Worshiper. When he died, some Christians moved in and made it a printing place for Bibles. Irony!
    As for the movies…Elf, don’t know, Polar Express, It’s a Wonderful Life, Grinch, Christmas Story, The Santa Clause (love it), Muppet Christmas Carol (love it more!), Home Alone…um…I want to say Christmas Vacation, and the last one I’m sure I’ve seen, but can’t place. I’m guessing Miracle on 34th.

    1. The last two are While You Were Sleeping and The Hudsucker Proxy. An unconventional Christmas movie the Hudsucker is, made by the Coen brothers, pretty great though!

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