Oh great, oh powerful blog

I think my blog might hold some kind of power.

Like something close to a Stranger Than Fiction kind of power, where what I write comes true.

Mr. Green brought home a dog last Thursday night. Not just any dog either. A purebred, 10-month-old golden retriever. My dream dog. MY DREAM DOG! He was found at the beginning of November, taken to the pound, and never claimed. For weeks I saw his picture in the pet page of the newspaper, I even suggested to Aunt Sassy-Pants, fellow lover of the Golds, to go and adopt him. Never, and I mean never in my wildest dreams would I have thought my dad, my dad!, would be the one to go and get him.

See, if you remember, Mr. Green is a little finicky about his yard, his garden, his flowers beds… basically anything of a green nature. Because of this having a full size dog, a real dog, was out of the question. They are lawn destroyers. The worst kind of animal. We tried it for a bit when we were younger, picked up a border collie from a box outside of Wal-Mart, named him Rex, got attached, but not mutually as he tried to escape often. Often enough that my parents opted to take him to the pound, where a farmer came and picked him up an hour later. He dug often too, not very fly with Mr. Green. Then we got Weston. Yes, Weston. Crazy Lady named him, need I say more? A miniature schnauzer who was the last of his litter to be chosen. Lucky us. He shook all the time, barked often, and never learned how to fetch, go for walks, or roll over. Miniature dogs are not real dogs. He got sick and we had to say goodbye. So, cats it was throughout my childhood. Mean, dumb cats. Well except for Mekayla, I did like her.

Anyhow, I posted a picture more than once of a golden retriever as one of my favorite things, what I desperately wished I had. And look what happened! I kind of got one. I mean, what is my parents is practically mine too, right? Mr. Green wanted to name him Daniel, but that’s just too human for a dog, so he shortened it to Danny. (We decided this after two days of having him, and name changing a dozen or so times.)

Danny is sweet, and soft, and is already partway trained. He can sit sometimes, and he stays sort of, and has only gone to the bathroom once in the house, and only jumps when he meets someone new… we have some work to do. And by we, I mean Mr. Green because Danny only listens to him. Mr. Green is the Alpha Omega, ruler of Danny’s world. Mr. Green turns into a 10-year-old boy with Danny. They are best buds, and I am pretty sure that Danny quickly rose to favorite “child” the minute Mr. Green brought him into his home. Even Brother Serious has been beaten out by Danny. So us kids watch from the sideline as Danny plays fetch with Mr. Green, forlornly we watch through the sliding door as they laugh and play together. Laugh and play, laugh and play…

Thursday night, the night of Danny’s adoption, Mr. Green wanted to take him for a walk. The Neph and I joined in thinking, “Surely this will be fun!” Off went Mr. Green and Danny, and The Neph and I trailed behind. Soon The Neph started to slow down, like after 1 block, and began huffing out, “I just can’t do this, I am so tired, I need to sit down.” This 5’2 aunt hoisted her 5-year-old, 40 pound nephew up onto her back and for almost a mile, uphill, carried his tired little body until we finally reached his home. Mr. Green and Danny trotted happily together 100 yards ahead, with not so much as a look back, blissfully caught up in their new found friendship.

I really do love The Neph… enough to carry him  in the freezing cold to the shelter of his home, and did I mention it was all uphill!? 


Anyway I thought maybe I should test the power of this blog out. I am going to create my wish list for the next year and see what happens.

Katelyn’s Practical Wish List: 

  • My Maverick. He has flown off course I believe.
  • A $1000 shopping spree. My wardrobe is looking a little drab.
  • New set of pots and pans.
  • Mary Kay makeup. Hello, I am a woman.
  • A year’s worth of free gas. I can almost hear the immature giggles.
  • A Freshly Pressed blog post.
  • One new car (obviously).
  • Vacation to Europe… or anywhere outside the country really… or inside the country… I just want a vacation.
  • A fun job.
  • Brand new Macbook Pro… I would settle for a refurbished one.
  • New, big house for my parents… and Danny.
  • To be the favorite child for just one day.
  • Snow for Christmas. Just Christmas day that is.
  • Free guitar lessons.
  • One brilliant idea for a book.
  • Time to write said book.
  • My student loans to vanish into thin air.
  • Peace on Earth, good will towards men… yep.

Now I think I’ll go watch from outside my parents house as Mr. Green and Danny watch TV together, and let this blog work it’s magic.



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