Making people

I am so ecstatic to finally be able to announce in my blog that I am going to have a baby!

Well, I mean, not physically. I am not pregnant. I bet half of you just spit coffee all over your computer screen, or tea, or wine, or whatever it is you are drinking while reading this… hopefully not wine if it’s in the morning. No, no, I put in an order for a baby and it has been filled. I mean really, how else are babies made?

Sister Fierce is satiating my baby fever. She is due in early July 2013. I am a proud aunt for a second time!

She finally announced it to the Facebook world so now I can openly speak of it. She asked a lot from me, I’ve been keeping it quiet for a month now. A month people! That was almost unbearable for me and my big, flapping mouth.

She’ll be naming this one after me.

Okay fine, she isn’t, but she should. She loves me so fiercely that she is giving me a baby, naming the little one after the most awesome aunt ever would only be the icing on my favorite banana cake. She should bake me that banana cake too.

Here is The Neph showing the world how excited he is about this new little person.

Actually he was slightly disappointed that the surprise wasn’t something cooler, like candy. Also he told me it was going to be a boy, so there goes my hope that I will get to buy fancy little dresses and rompers for a niece. (I’m still crossing my fingers though.)

“Me and my little brother are going to come over and have a sleepover at your place,” he informed me after handing me an ultrasound picture of the little nugget. He’s a planner like his mother.

Eeeeeeeeee!!! That is what I feel like doing but of course I won’t because I would look ridiculous. More ridiculous than I already do sitting here with a dopey grin on my face.

This baby better be cute, I specifically ordered a cute baby. With lots of chunk and a cute smile. With The Neph I freaked my sister out that she was going to have an ugly baby, I might do that again this time around. The first words out of my mouth when The Neph was born was, “Oh! He’s cute!” I was also the first one to hold him… just a little fun fact for you.

I am already trying to figure out the first gift to buy. My hopes is that her and Godwin will find out the gender (he is not sure he wants to know) so that I don’t get stuck having to buy a bunch of gender neutral items. Lame. Yellow, yellow, white, white… boring, boring.


Sister Fierce texted this to me the other day. Funny, but seriously where do I find one?

I really don’t think a baby works on picking up men. Actually it probably does the exact opposite.

I just realized though that the bigger Sister Fierce gets the more fierce she is going to become. Oh Lord help us…


5 thoughts on “Making people

  1. You will be helping in the middle of the night since you “ordered” the baby. I was going to make you that cake until I read the last few sentences of the blog. Let us pray that Goodwin wants to find out the gender.

    1. Haha, the more fierce you are the more fierce the cake is!! And don’t worry my order included a baby that sleeps through the night!

      P.S. We have to find out the gender, we just have to!

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