It’s #50

So this is my 50th post. No pressure or anything.

I need to be brilliant and write about something amazing. Something hilarious. Something profound. Something that will leave you feeling satisfied and not like you have wasted 15 minutes of your life reading my words. Yes, my words, I own them. I need to be Ghandi and Tom Hanks combined, Mother Theresa and Alec Baldwin, Thoreau and Jeff Dunham.

Well, whatever, you’ll get what you get.

I want to write about/show you a “few” of my favorite things. Because I think I am Oprah…  so here goes.

50 of my most favorite things (in no particular order):

This coffee mug.

Sister Fierce gave it to me for Christmas in 2006 (the year I also graduated high school). It is the first mug I reach for, and I’m always disappointed in myself if I haven’t washed it in preparation for my morning coffee.

This movie:

It is one of my guilty pleasures. I could watch it over and over. Don’t judge me people, don’t do it.

These are awesome and fun to put on my feet.

This is the best trail mix ever! Super nutty…

But I don’t have any. I eat Sister Fierce’s when I am at her house. Brother Godwin is a huge Costco fan so they have Kirkland everything.

And some more things!

Man I feel like this is so cutthroat… what is going to make the list?

In light of the season I shall choose the Christmas tree.

I prefer the traditional look when it comes to Christmas, as you can see. I’m sorry but white artificial trees with pink lights or some such nonsense is not Christmas!

Moving on… there are these:

If you have not checked out the band Stars then you are way behind in the times. That album in particular is one I have yet to grow sick of, and I have had it for almost six years.

I got my parents’ feather pillows because they moved onto the next best thing… they are so comfortable!

On to some more:

Anyone want to take me back to Disneyland and let me relive my childhood? Anyone at all? Fine. I guess this doesn’t count as a ‘thing’ really, but oh well.

I LOVE banana cake, it is my absolute favorite dessert… I think. I never make it for myself. Sister Fierce made the best banana cake ever, but only every once in awhile.

This next thing is a favorite because I remember Crazy Lady making these for  dinner sometimes. Looking back now it was always when Mr. Green was away for work, so it turned into a treat with mom. I made them a handful of times for The Neph when living with him.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes! Yum!

Continuing on:

I chew a lot of gum. Like a ridiculous amount. I spit it out the minute it loses flavor. And it is the end of the world when I am out. If someone gave me a load of Extra Polar Ice and Spearmint for Christmas I would be ecstatic.

I wish I could find somewhere to stream Saved by the Bell reruns. I had the biggest crush on Zack Morris. I just saw that actor, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, in a movie… still have a crush on him.

This is not really a thing, more a person. Crazy Lady gets the privilege of watching our friend’s baby girl Brie. I love Brie, Brie loves me, we have a really fun lunch hour together when I go and visit (almost every day she is there…). She is the cutest little thing who has won over everyone in my family including Brother Serious, which is quite a feat. So the following is my way of acknowledging her!

And finally my last favorite thing is my Bible. My parents gave it to me as a birthday present years ago, and I would be dumb not to include it since it’s what I rely on to give me encouragement, hope, and much needed guidance.

So there you have it, 50 of my my most favorite things. I was going to start 50 of my least favorite things but this took a whole lot more work than I expected and I’m too lazy to do it now.

Yay for some of my favorite things!


5 thoughts on “It’s #50

  1. Oh goodness. Post a picture of a puppy, your parents get a puppy. Maybe you should post a picture of a million dollars and it will somehow come back to you. 😉 Love the list!

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