Meet the others….

I have scratched four posts already. I’m feeling a writer’s block pretty hardcore today, but despite my better judgment I am blogging anyway.

Thanksgiving day was good and normal. It consisted of the traditional moments of sheer panic with the turkey, a Starbucks run, claustrophobia in the kitchen, and constant teasing of each other. I always like to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and because I do not have cable this year I headed over to Mr. Green and Crazy Lady’s house to crash on their couch with a cup of coffee to watch it. I like seeing all the musical productions and such things, but this is what happened:

Awesome Katelyn: Oh look another musical with Matthew Broderick. He’s looking old, I wonder if his voice is the same.

Music and singing begins. 

Crazy Lady: I’m going to vacuum but don’t freak out it’s the new one and is really quiet, just wait.

Vacuum turns on. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSHHHHEEEEEESSHHH (That’s my vacuum noise.)

Awesome Katelyn: Really?

Crazy Lady: WHAT? *Mumble* *Mumble*


Crazy Lady: WHAT?

Thank goodness for Tivo, right? Matthew Broderick sounds the same. He does not look the same. The part in his hair is looking a little wider… as is his stomach. Who am I to judge though? He will forever be Ferris Bueller to me. Bueller. Bueller. Bueller.

I have to give props before I forget to Mr. Green because he works his backside off every year putting together the turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing, all of which were amazing. I just finished with some leftovers not too long ago actually…

One of my mom’s younger sisters and her family joined us for dinner and of course Sister Silent’s birthday celebration. Aunt Sassy-Pants came in with a relish tray and a bottle of white wine… and Uncle Bob Ross and his happy little trees.

Aunt Sassy-Pants is quite sassy, despite the innocent impression she gives everyone.

“Your aunt is so sweet and kind.”

“Aunt Sassy-Pants?”

She is a middle child too. I adore her.

Normally my mom’s youngest sister and her family join us as well… Aunt Crafty-Pants and Uncle Beard. This year they stayed home, probably to escape from being put into this blog. Well, too bad. They are forever branded with those names now.

Aunt Crafty-Pants is ridiculously… well, crafty obviously. She always made our Halloween costumes, rocked it every year. I was an awesome cheerleader, awesome princess, awesome 60’s girl, and an awesome mummy. I had a slight change of heart toward the end of my costume choosing apparently. She can pretty much make anything, she should be called Martha Stewart but my aunt has never been in jail so… She married Uncle Beard and had two boys, Knucklehead 1 and Knucklehead 2. I do not know how she survives amidst all that testosterone. She is an avid hockey and football fan because of it though. I’m sure she could body-check someone now after all the games she has been to. She lives in a far away land with shopping malls and more than ten restaurants to choose from, her and Uncle Beard, who has always had a beard. He has also dealt with his nieces for years before having his sons, catering to our stories with an open ear and knowing how to tease us in just the right way where we feel annoyed yet happy to have attention. When him and Aunt Crafty-Pants first got engaged I was around five years old, and all I remember is being enthralled with my new uncle and his amazing beard. (Mr. Green has never grown a beard.)

This is much what the conversation has sounded like in the past with that family present:

“Football. Football. Football. OOooooo football! Football? Football!! FOOTBALL!”

And then you have me:

“Books! Words! Music! Art? Art! Literature. Literature. LITERATURE!”

When both aunts and Crazy Lady are in the same room it is sheer chaos. Laughter, laughter, and more laughter. I will have to make a recording sometime and post it. It’s no big deal or anything but my family is kind of known for their laugh. I mean literally, this is not a joke. People search us out in Wal Mart because they hear us…  Sister Fierce and I inherited “the laugh” in slightly different ways. We both worked in a restaurant together and the staff nicknamed us Giggles and Cackles. Sister Fierce was Cackles… *giggle.*

So Aunt Sassy-Pants and Uncle Bob Ross go to the same church as I do. Uncle Bob Ross is the worship pastor. Yeah, it’s no big deal or anything, but my family is kind of musical. Aunt Sassy-Pants is an amazing singer, with the purest tone. She is extremely creative as well. I like talking with Aunt Sassy-Pants, she is hilarious. She is almost as funny as me. I inherit my sass from her I suppose. Maybe it is a middle child thing? Uncle Bob Ross paints a lot. Many, many happy trees and bushes and things. If I get his permission I will post some of these joyful things… and perhaps convince him to do his own episode of the “Joy of Painting.”

My cousin and her new husband joined in as well, Penelope and Pepe Le Pew. To be young and in love… that ship sailed for me awhile ago. This was their first Thanksgiving together as a married couple, I’m positive they enjoyed sharing it with me and Brother Serious in the living room eating off retro TV trays. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

Penelope’s little sister, my littlest cousin, Miss Alice was there playing with The Neph. She has a sweet disposition. I have dubbed her after one of my favorite classics, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” Her and her strange way of being both a fully grown human and a kid at the same time. Maybe she’s really 34 and just short…

Their brother, my cousin, who thinks he is James Dean, was home sick unfortunately with a nasty flu. I told them to lock him in his room and quarantine the sucker. Not sure if they took my advice… probably not.

And of course Sister Fierce and Brother Godwin were there. I felt abandoned by Sister Fierce for some odd reason… perhaps because it is our first Thanksgiving in four years where we did not wake up in the same house. I made the comment to Sister Silent, “I feel lost without her.” Aww… so sweet, right?

And last, but better not be least, I should probably introduce to the blog world my Grandma Magoo. Oh, Grandma Magoo. She is a little, well… Magoo-like. There are stories I could share, but those can be saved for another time. For now we will just say that she made it safe and sound to the kitchen table, enjoyed her turkey, glorified my apple pie as the best she has ever tasted, and scuttled her way back out with a Tupperware of leftovers. She was happy and content as could be.

I have a fantastic family. And I am positive they all love being mentioned in my blog. Very thankful for them all.

Merry Christmas to all and to all…. oh wait… wrong holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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