Anything I titled this would be misleading so…

Hey-oh readers!

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So onto business… I have to give you something to comment on, don’t I?

I had my first dentist appointment in four years this week. Yes, four years. Do not harp on me, I have heard enough from Crazy Lady. I have not been for four years because I have not had insurance for four years. One thing this job offers is an insurance plan that covers a yearly checkup. So I took my pearly whites and visited my dentist that I have had since I was younger. (Crazy Lady would know the exact age because she remembers crazy stuff like that.)

In this office they have TV’s in the ceiling of the exam rooms. This to me was rather amazing when I was little because I didn’t have to miss my episodes of Step By Step and Boy Meets World. Apparently now that I am 25 I no longer get the option of watching TV while they mess around in my mouth. I had to lay there and try to answer questions while a metal pick was scraping one tooth at a time. I had to stare off to the side to avoid awkwardly looking up the hygienist’s nose. And I focused very hard on not choking on my saliva. I forgot how uncomfortable it is to try to swallow when your mouth is hinged open.

I had a perfect bill of health. My hygienist said, and I quote, “I sure wish everyone’s teeth looked like this. They look great!”

She also said, “I can tell you’ve been flossing.”

“Yeah…. totally been flossing.” Lie. Well I do, just not as often as I probably should. So, half-lie.

Apparently normal people have lots of plaque build up after four years. Plaque, so gross. My boss told me she has to go in every six months to get cleaned… so now I know that about her.

They suggested one thing, however. A mouthguard. “Eventually,” the dentist said. I grind my teeth. “Probably stress-induced,” the dentist said. No kidding Doctor. “And the right side of your jaw is a little off,” the dentist said. I already was aware of this due to the constant popping every time I open my mouth.

Insurance does not cover the mouthguard. The mouthguard is $325. Boo. So I shall find the cheaper ones you can buy at the store and give my jaw a break from life.

Here is a tip I passed along to my familia and will now pass onto you. Buy two toothbrushes, one for morning and one for night. My hygienist said that way each can dry completely before its next use. You are welcome.

So this is random:

Just a lizard wearing Barbie boots, nothing to see here.

In other news, I tried a honey mask. Like I literally took honey and slathered it on my face, left it there for an hour, and then tried my best to rinse it all off. It was sticky and then I got it all over my phone whilst talking with Mr. Greene… so I had to lick it off. No I didn’t, but I was tempted to. I used raw honey, made locally, all organic, unprocessed, no chemicals added… because I’m a snob. No not really, I had it leftover from Sister Fierce’s bridal shower. Thank goodness honey does not expire. Does honey expire? I should probably have googled that before putting it on my face. It’s a good thing I’m not one of those tutorial blogs.

My skin was soft afterward, so I’m guessing it worked?

I’ll probably do it again.

Ugh, why am I even blogging right now? I have nothing of worth to offer you people today.

I have a confession to make. I will be going and seeing the final Twilight Saga movie. Up to this point I have seen them all in theater, so I have to finish strong. I am not for Team Jacob, or Team Edward. I am for team Billy Burke. The actor who plays Bella’s dad. Stop judging me, stop it right now.

Just look at him:

He’s looking at you.

Everyone has their weird celebrity crush. Mine is not as weird as others.

Mod likes this guy:


Now that’s weird.

Sister Fierce claims she has a crush on Mark Wahlberg:

But I happen to know she has a major obsession with the show NCIS pretty much because of this guy:

And Sister Silent likes… whoever this is:

She could tell you his name. It’s definitely not SWAG.

I would tell you my parent’s celebrity crushes, but they are all dead… ouch, did I cross a line with that one?

Back to viewing Breaking Dawn Part II. When the first one came out I took Sister Silent for her birthday, and after that it just became a tradition. It would be rather silly for us not to go see the last one. I’m not claiming it to be this amazing movie or anything, as we all know I am a film snob, but it’s not so bad that it makes me want to hunt down the actors and tell them to just stop it. Stop it right now. I shall wait to go see it until the masses of teenage girls and 30-somethings have dwindled down some. The less squeals, sighs, and kissing noises the better.

I have nothing left, I am drained this week from blogging. I’m sure you are drained from me blogging this week as well. So I shall leave you all for the weekend.

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Hold up everyone, I have to make a MAJOR correction here. Crazy Lady has informed me that one of her celebrity crushes is indeed still breathing, here he be:

That was from a Rolling Stones shoot… Okay fine, here he is today:

Bob Saget is starting to look better and better to me.


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