Ice cream and politics

My nephew had a mini-election at his preschool during the Tuesday of the actual Presidential election. The teachers had their students vote for which man they wanted as President by creatively representing each with a type of ice cream treat.

Mitt Romney (Ice Cream Sandwiches)  VS.  President Barack Obama (Ice Cream Cups)

I asked The Neph who ended up winning and I got this sad response, “A-rock Uh-bama. We had ice cream cups. No ice cream sandwiches. I really wanted ice cream sandwiches.”

Sorry Neph, you and many, many other Americans. I found it fascinating though, that this world changing decision could be whittled down to choosing between frozen desserts. It got me to wondering if there wasn’t something that better represented each candidate. Do ice cream sandwiches really do Mitt Romney justice? Does an ice cream cup fully encompass who A-rock Uh-bama is?  What if they had been flavors of Blizzards instead? Does the President prefer Reeses or Oreo? Does Mitt Romney like the holiday pumpkin pie or does he stick to the tried-and-true M&M?

I am not one to publicly discuss my political stances. It is one of those rare topics I shy away from. Partially because politics is not my forte, my brain does not soak up all that it probably should. And because people can be a real pain in the neck. Insults and debates are something I do not avidly seek to receive from others. I know where I stand, I know that not everyone stands there with me, and I am not about to shove my fist down someone’s throat in order to get them to agree with me. I find that a tad inappropriate.

What I will say on the matter, now that the fires have died down a bit, is that America is looking much like the kid whose ice cream fell off his cone. Have you ever tried to scoop that ice cream up? It’s slippery as heck, freezing cold, melting all over the place, and now has bits of gravel and grass stuck to it. But we’re too poor to get another, so lets do the best we can to make what we have work. It’s like Tim Gunn’s motto, “Make it work people.” (Tim Gunn is a fashion guru, he knows everything.)

I am getting frustrated and exhausted from hearing the constant stream of disrespect, insults, and complaints about our current President and our previous Presidents. What I read sometimes on Facebook or even some blog posts here on WordPress completely astound me, the pure hatred that spills from some people is downright scary. I am just a “little” sad over how much respect has been lost for the President, or any person who is in those higher positions of authority. I feel like there is a huge lack these days of anything remotely resembling respect in all aspects of life really. Why is this?

I do not agree with everything President Obama stands for. I did not agree with everything President Bush stood for, nor President Clinton, I do not even agree with every single thing the great President Kennedy stood for… you get the picture. But that does not mean I am going to slander their names to anyone and everyone that will listen. Not only is it a poor reflection on the person making the comments but it is also a terrible example for the generations following.

When The Neph was sad about not getting an ice cream sandwich I asked him what he got with the ice cream cup.

As a Christian, (dun dun dun…), I look to God. I seek out what He wants, what He says. I serve a God who says to honor others, so I do my best to honor others. I serve a God who says to love others, so I do my best to love others. I serve a God who created individuals, so I do my best to remember we will all have differing outlooks on life. Get the picture here, too? It is not my job to judge these men for what they stand up and believe in, I have no right to do that. It is actually quite the relief for me to know that I can pass any and all responsibility of that to God. Whew!

Obviously we have seen over 236 years that America can not be fixed by a man. We need a woman. Just kidding, I had to take the opportune moment to make that lame joke. There is no human that exists who, under their own power and will, can right everything that has gone wrong. I’m sorry, it’s impossible. Mr. Greene wisely said, “We need a divine intervention.”

With that let me quote the end of President Obama’s 2012 acceptance speech:

And together with your help and God’s grace we will continue our journey forward and remind the world just why it is that we live in the greatest nation on Earth.

Thank you, America. God bless you. God bless these United States.

I truly hope that the President was sincere when saying the above. Words are powerful. God’s grace is exactly what we need for this country. And yes I read the entirety of that speech not just the last part, and listened to it on YouTube. (I have no cable ‘believe it or not’… what a dumb saying, you should believe it.) President Obama urged everyone to look towards the future as every President preceding him has done. He spoke of keeping hope as well. Interesting correlation to the very well-known (and personal favorite of mine) scripture Jeremiah 29:11:

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”

No matter who is President of my country I know that the one truly leading it is the one who created it. We cannot expect for someone to step into an office and magically pick up our fallen scoops of ice cream dirt free. We have a country full of extremes, therefore it is nearly (pretty much entirely) impossible to find one person who will make every other person content. What will help is if we learn to respect one another again.

What I really loved about The Neph doing his ice cream election was that it showed him his little voice along with other little voices could make one big decision for the entire school. Even though he did not win his ice cream sandwich I never did hear him complain about his ice cream cup.

And this is why I probably don’t write about politics often…


2 thoughts on “Ice cream and politics

  1. “I am not about to shove my fist down someone’s throat in order to get them to agree with me.” Unless it comes to country music?

    1. Well naturally, country music is a serious offense in my book, it should vanish. 😉 Although I will admit from watching The Voice I have come to really like Blake Shelton… so, I’m willing to allow for some to slip by.

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