This post is just ridiculous

I made these with The Neph when he stayed over:

Well, that is what they were supposed to look like. The Neph’s had piled on candy corn, mismatched eyes, and a smiley face instead of a beak. They were awesome and still fun to make. Betty Crocker’s stuff always looks better… stupid Betty Crocker.

These were about the only Thanksgiving related activity I could come up with. I was going to sit down and make a list of all that The Neph was thankful for, but I figured that would catch his attention for a whole 15 seconds. Cookies were at least five minutes.

We watched this:

And this:

While watching Puss In Boots The Neph all concerned said: “I need to go into the movie and tell them that they are brothers forneber and neber.”

I know Pooper, I know.

It was a proud moment for this movie lover.

Went shopping with Mr. Green, Crazy Lady, and Sister Silent on Saturday. We braved the slushy, snowy, icy pass and went to one of the nearest cities two hours away. Yep, you read right, two hours away!

The car ride went a little like this:

Crazy Lady looks through a magazine. Examining one page she holds it up and turns to look back at her awesome daughter. 

Crazy Lady: See this peacoat, that’s what I need to find. One that hits the hips, but then I also need one that goes blow the knee. They say if you’re going to get just one to go with the one that is longer.

Awesome Katelyn: Uh huh…

Sister Silent: —

Crazy Lady takes a sip of her peppermint mocha. The radio turns to white noise as the station becomes out of reach. Mr. Green does not notice. 

Crazy Lady: I wonder how many calories are in this?

Awesome Katelyn: I don’t know… Sister you got yours regular right?

Sister Silent: —

The white noise continues to crackle and hiss in the background. Awesome Katelyn glances over at Sister Silent’s iPod to see what is playing. 

Awesome Katelyn: What are you listening to?

Sister Silent: —


Sister Silent: —

Sister Silent looks down and touches her iPod screen quickly. 

Sister Silent: Maroon 5.

Awesome Katelyn: She speaks! Did you just flip through your songs till you found something acceptable enough to tell me?

Sister Silent: —

Awesome Katelyn: You did!

Sister Silent: Maybe.

Crazy Lady flips through the magazine. 

Crazy Lady: The problem is what color of peacoat do you get?

Mr. Green: *grumble* *grumble* People don’t know how to drive in the winter. *grumble* *grumble*

Awesome Katelyn: Are you ashamed of your music?

Sister Silent: —

Mr. Green: You don’t switch lanes and then slow down. Everyone does that though!

Awesome Katelyn: I bet most of the calories come from the cocoa powder.

Crazy Lady: I probably slow down too.

Sister Silent: —

Awesome Katelyn: The syrup is sugar-free.

Radio continues to produce white noise. 

Crazy Lady: I would think black or grey but then in the magazines you always see colored ones.

Awesome Katelyn: Is it rap? Please don’t tell me you’re listening to country.

Sister Silent: —

Crazy Lady: Maybe like green?

Mr. Green: Come on if you’re going to pass the truck then pass it already or get over and let me pass it.

Awesome Katelyn: That radio is driving me nuts.

Crazy Lady: I’d really like to get a red one but I know how you feel and what you wrote on your blog. (See her reference here.)

Sister Silent: —

Mr. Green: Where we going to eat?

Crazy Lady: I don’t know. Applebees?

Awesome Katelyn: Yeah that sounds good.

Mr. Green: Too late, I’ve passed it already.

Awesome Katelyn: Olive Garden?

Crazy Lady: Yeah, we could do Olive Garden.

Mr. Green: Red Lobster it is.

Awesome Katelyn wonders why she ever offers her opinion. She makes a mental note to blog about this later. 

~ -~  ~-~

That radio never did get turned off. White noise almost the whole two hours. It was terrible.

Such a poor attempt at screenwriting yet again. I need to give up on it.

There were 250 calories in my nonfat peppermint mocha from Starbucks and 46 carbs for anyone that cares. I know Crazy Lady will appreciate that knowledge. (That was for a tall Mom.)

I hate malls. With a passion. Too many people, too many weird mixed scents, children screaming, loud music, old security guys, out-of-my-price-range clothing, awful fitting rooms, disgusting public restrooms, annoying teenagers… I could seriously go on forever. I HATE MALLS. I am an online shopper for the most part. Part of that has to do with the fact that I live in a rural area with hardly any clothing stores, and the other part is that I hate people. Just kidding… I don’t hate people that much, I just hate the process of looking through clothes, trying them on, realizing that nothing looks quite like it does on the mannequin… I hate mannequins. Stupid mannequins.

So while in the mall I got a little grouchy and may or may not have snapped at Crazy Lady a handful of times. Let me publicly apologize right now for  snapping at my mother.

*Clears throat*

Dear Crazy Lady,

 I sincerely apologize that while in a ridiculously large and crowded building I got overwhelmed by the number of people milling around like herds of sheep, the crying children, and the lack of fresh air. I may have lost my patience while trying on clothes in a smelly fitting room, and taken it out on you. I ask that next time we do not decide to go shopping on a Saturday and instead wait until a Tuesday morning where all the children, their parents, and the teenagers will be busy with school and all we have to deal with are the overly friendly sales people trying to straighten our hair and apply makeup. Also remind me not to wear flats, my feet are still killing me.

Your daughter,

Awesome Katelyn

Whilst in Target (I love Target) I found these gloriously hideous nutcrackers.

Being the mature one of the family I stuck one in the cart, propped in the corner as if it were saying, “Hello, look upon my ugliness.” And I waited to see how long it would take for Mr. Green and Crazy Lady to notice. This was repeated at least twice more. Sister Silent found it to be hilarious and actually laughed aloud, so it was worth the hour of embarrassing immaturity on my part.

The point of this blog – Crazy Lady found herself a blue peacoat and The Neph got high on sugar again because of yours truly.


5 thoughts on “This post is just ridiculous

  1. I want to make those with my nephew! I had all sorts of great ideas for halloween but he obviously was not following the Martha Stewart photos. You live 2 hours from a city????

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