Entertaining a five year old is tough

The Neph will be coming over tonight for his second sleepover. The first sleepover was a success, mainly because Aunt Kate-in took him to see Hotel Transylvania, after first taking him to The Dollar Tree where he was permitted to pick out whatever candy he wanted… and before that we went to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal. Needless to say that poor child’s diet was not the healthiest that evening. We didn’t tell Mom.We had to smuggle in the candy since the theater doesn’t allow outside food or drinks, it became our little secret. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t a good life lesson. The Neph was very concerned we would be found out because my purse does not zip closed. And we walked very slowly so as not to rattle the Snowcaps around in their box.

Everything was cool about that sleepover. Aunt Kate-in made chocolate chip waffles in the morning, and Netflix offered The Neph’s favorite cartoon “Fanboy and Chum Chum.” Then he took a bath in the clawfoot tub.

The Neph: “I’ve never taken a bath like this before.”

Aunt Kate-in: “Yeah? It’s a deep tub huh?”

The Neph: “Look I slide! This is a cool bathtub Aunt Kate-in, but you don’t need to turn that on.” He points to the shower head. 

Aunt Kate-in: “Okay Pooper, I won’t.”

The Neph: “Did you get this bathtub just for me?”

Aunt Kate-in: “Yes. Yes I did.”

The Neph: “Did you make it?”

Aunt Kate-in: “Yep.”

The Neph: “Where did you make it?”

Aunt Kate-in: “The roof.”

The Neph: “Oh… That’s cool.”

Then we went to Crazy Lady’s because Aunt Kate-in failed to provide adequate entertainment for the mid-morning. Oops.

This sleepover will be Christmas themed. Basically because peppermint hot chocolate has made its appearance in the stores and the only good movies in the Redbox are all Christmas related. I don’t believe they make many Thanksgiving kid’s movies… other than good ‘ol Charlie Brown. Knowing The Neph, however, we’ll end up with something completely random and my plans will all go awry. Gah, I love that kid!

Meet Fanboy and Chum Chum:










They are obviously happy that The Neph is coming over too.

They are pretend superheroes, they like slushies, and always get themselves into silly predicaments. The Neph knows their theme song, which is loud and obnoxious and can only be sung at the top of one’s lungs. I know from experience. Fanboy and Chum Chum are best friends. The Neph’s best friend is not me. He told me so. His best friend is whatever kid meets his fancy that day… or family member. I have never had the title of ‘best friend’ I’m just Aunt Kate-in/Katie/Kate.

Right now I can still give kisses. I’m sure in another year this will not be allowed. I can also still ‘boing’ his ears, and pet his face. Things I have done since he was very little.

Sister Fierce: “Stop flicking his ears.”

Sister Awesome: “But they’re so big.”

Sister Fierce: “No they aren’t! Quit it.”

Sister Awesome: “Look at them flap when I do it!”

(They really aren’t that big, but I can never pass up an opportunity to poke at Sister Fierce.)

The Neph, age two, walks up to his amazing aunt screaming and crying, all upset over being told no. Aunt Kate-in stares down at him. The Neph stares back, tears streaming down his little red face. Aunt Kate-in silently takes her hand and runs it down from his forehead to his chin. The Neph starts to laugh. Thus the face petting. 

My screenwriting skills need work. I only took one class for it… and it shows.

I said things like this often to The Neph while living with him for the past four years.









Except for when he stubbed his toes. That pain is just unbearable.

Here goes round two of the sleepovers, hopefully it will be as cool as the first one.












One thought on “Entertaining a five year old is tough

  1. love this! I have a bunch of posts about my nephew who is 4. Nephews are good things to have around. Our next sleepover is the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I will be waiting to hear how yours goes!

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