Giving thanks

I am thankful for… 

Why I think it is fantastic to reflect on all that we are thankful for in our lives, I do not understand why it only happens during the month of November. I mean obviously we feel obligated by the holiday to do so, but are we not thankful for those things in October as well? Or January? I feel like poor January gets overlooked. Aw, poor J. Between ‘Thankful posts’ and ‘Go Vote posts’ my Facebook news stream is short circuiting.

Am I the only one that gets somewhat depressed when reading what other people are thankful for?

  • “I am thankful for my loving and beyond incredibly handsome husband.” 

Hm, I don’t have one of those….

  • “I am thankful for my adorable children, they are life’s best gift.” 

What? Well crap… I definitely don’t have any of those.

  • “I am thankful for being able to travel to Europe, what a life-changing experience!” 

Too poor to travel. Wal Mart can count as a life-changing trip right?

  • “I am thankful for a house all my own, that I can paint and decorate however I want.” 

I live in an apartment where I smell my neighbor’s garlicky dinner and have TV wars – who can drown out who.

  • “I am thankful for being educated and having the opportunity to go to college.”

Says the people who qualified for financial aid or parents paid their tuition. Bravo and brava to you, those of us not so lucky souls loathe school with a viscousness when we have to turn around and pay for it.

  • “I am thankful for all the opportunities I have to sing and perform.” 

Lame. Where the heck are these at? Oh right, Nashville, Seattle, Denver, New York…

  • I am thankful for my amazing family.” 

… okay fine, I have that one too. THANKFULLY! 

  • “I am thankful for Facebook so that I can post as many pictures of my cats as is possible.” 

That one I made up. But it still happens, and makes me depressed for other reasons…

  • “I am thankful that I get to spend my weekends shopping and drinking coffee with friends.”

Again, I am poor.

  • “I am thankful for nights out to dinner with my boyfriend.”

Dang, I don’t even have one of those either.

  • “I am thankful for the holidays and all the yummy recipes to try out.” 

POOR! My yummy recipes consist of greek yogurt w/ granola (and if I’m lucky some fresh fruit) and cereal. Oh, and every so often a piece of chicken with some lettuce.

  • “I am thankful for my awesome new car.” 

For reals, that one is not made up, someone really did post this. And I threw up in my mouth. Then yelled to God, “I’M POOR!!”

So as I cry into my turkey dinner this year I hope all my apparently abundantly rich Facebook friends (because as we all know there are friends and then there are Facebook friends) are enjoying their lavish buffets with their hot husbands and perfect kiddos, in Europe…

Me bitter? Say what?

I really am thankful for some things.

  • Billy Burke playing the lead role in ‘Revolution’
  • String cheese
  • Podcasts
  • A blog to make me feel I’m flexing some creativity
  • Protein powder
  • Converse
  • A nephew that makes me feel really cool
  • Sister Silent coming grocery shopping with me, she’s a good bag carrier
  • Mr. Green & Crazy Lady’s stocked fridge and cupboards

I am thankful that I am just so funny… 

Oh fine, I am also very thankful to have a job, to live in a free country, to have an outstanding family and amazing friends, and above all else to have a God that provides for me even when I am so poor. Happy month of being thankful on Facebook!


2 thoughts on “Giving thanks

  1. Funny! Kind of reminds me of the Grinch (J. Carey)……forget watching the election, I am getting out the Christmas movies!! 🙂

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