Ode to mi padre

So I have only written about my father in passing. His famous quote, “I did not raise puppets,” was seen here. My father, Mr. Green he shall be called, is quite the man. Seriously, he tells us all the time of how he won the ‘best butt’ contest in his college days. Not sure why he feels this is knowledge to pass along to his children, maybe it makes him feel more well-rounded… get it… well-rounded… like a person’s behind… whatever. Really Mr. Green’s story is quite the testimony to be heard. If you ever need someone to look to for an example of solid faith, perseverance, and an ability to love others, then Mr. Green is your man.

Mr. Green is dubbed Mr. Green because he loves to work in his yard. His grass looks like thick, emerald carpet and his flowers are just ridiculous. Ridiculous in a good way. He is the envy of everyone in town, and it is not a rare occurrence for passers-by to slow their cars or walking speed and take in the abundantly verdant vegetation. 

Dad, as I like to call him, passed along to me the stocky, German genes. Thanks Dad! He also gave me sparkly-white teeth, and killer calves. (It’s all I got to boast of, just let me have it people!)

I have always been somewhat of a Daddy’s girl, but not in your stereotypical way. I remember being little and always wanting to be close to him if we were out in public somewhere. I was so proud that he was my dad. At church I would stand right next to him,  just so everyone knew I was his daughter. Everyone already knew, but at six years old you don’t reason things out like that. After school programs it was always Mr. Green that I looked for first when meeting up in the hallways, he would pat my head or put his arm around me and give me a squeeze, and I would feel like I had just performed on broadway. Even still to this day when I am on the stage leading songs at church I look to Dad when I need a boost of encouragement, I do a mental side-hug from him and continue on.

Dad is my number one fan, whether he realizes it or not. He pushes me to dream big, and I mean BIG. Things I think are way out of my reach he sees as not being high enough. Growing up I was sort of the oddball of the family, Sister Fierce and Brother …. (wow, have I even mentioned I have a brother??) Brother Serious, were into sports and such nonsense, and I was more like, “I love music, and writing, and singing, and reading, and being as cultured as is possible in a small rural town.” Yep. But Mr. Green was supportive of it all. He accepted me and my quirks, chalked it up to a crazy personality, and buckled in for the ride. When I become a great worship leader who writes novels on the side I’ll have Dad to thank.

Mr. Green has been a rock for my family. This is something I have not taken for granted as I see all too often many others who unfortunately don’t have very great fathers. I am so very thankful, and extremely blessed, to have a dad who was, and is, constantly there in the most kind and loving ways. I have always felt safe divulging even the ugliest feelings and worries I have had to him. All the heartache and heartbreak I have endured, the stress that piled on at times, and the moments where I felt I just could not press forward, I knew my dad would be there. He has always offered sage advice, and depending on what was called for, a gentle or hard lecture.

What I think I am the most proud of when it comes to Mr. Green, is his ability to connect with others. There is nothing better than to hear someone tell me how great of a man they think my dad is. At his very core he only wants to see others meet God and be transformed into who they really are.

So with all that said meet my father Mr. Green:

Mr. Green likes:

  • To make his wife happy. Therefore Crazy Lady has been able to have cats through their entire marriage.
  • Testing out new technology, even if he threatens to throw his big screen out into the street.
  • Racing me to the end of a novel. However, we are both stuck in the middle of Catch-22.
  • Calling his grandson (The Neph) weird and goofy names, some of which shouldn’t be uttered in public.
  • Going to nurseries. I have nothing witty to say about plants.
  • Taking the “scenic” route. Though these have dwindled since he bought a GPS… which was threatened to be thrown out the window.
  • Cycling. I have a plethora of jokes about spandex that I would love to share, but I will refrain.
  • Sandwiches consisting of bread, butter, cheddar cheese, and onion. Yeah…
  • Spending time in the great outdoors. He hunts, and fishes… so pretty much he goes in the woods and kills things.
  • Pretending to enjoy movies to appease his daughter Katelyn. Not sure he really likes this, but his performance is amazing.
  • Journey. Their “Wheel In the Sky” especially.
  • Pepper. Even on cantaloupe. Bleh.
  • Books. His bookcase makes my bookcase look like a pansy. No Kindle or Nook for him… yet.

Mr. Green does not like:

  • Drivers who speed down his street. “SLOW DOWN!”
  • Cats. (… through his entire marriage people! That’s like 27 years of feline torture.)
  • People walking through his grass. I am dead serious here guys, do not do it.
  • When all three of his daughters and his wife sync up with mother nature. Talk about clinging to Jesus.
  • Yelling, or “bickering” as he says. Sister Fierce and I were incessant growing up.
  • Winter… well, because plants look dead and his grass is covered by snow, did I really need to explain that one?
  • His daughter teasing him in a blog post. Oops. Heyyy Dad…
  • A defeatist attitude. There is no excuse in having one… trust me I have tried them all.
  • Cats in his grass. Oh no she didn’t just go there. The ultimate pet peeve in Mr. Green’s book.

I love my dad. I love him more than coffee, more than Converse, and more than my bed. And we all know how much I love Bed. Every year that passes I get to spend more time with him, learn from him, and see the mark he’s leaving in this world. That’s a pretty amazing thing. Very honored to have Mr. Green be my father.

Thank you Dad for always having my back, for showing me early on the better path to take, for teaching me how to stand on my own two feet, and for supporting me through all these years. I couldn’t ask for anything more from you because you have always poured out everything, and that is something I have never taken for granted. Love you more than words can say!  

Your funny, charming, slightly neurotic, emotional, yet very ingenious daughter! 


7 thoughts on “Ode to mi padre

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your dad. They are hard to sum up into words, I feel like I barely brushed the surface with mine. But there’s something special about a way a daughter looks at her father. I hope you can find a way to write about yours. And thank you so much for stopping by and reading my post! 🙂

  1. May I add: Mr. Green always has a Holly Jolly house @ Christmas! Mr. Green is the perfect host, in the kitchen making coffee, doing dishes and pouring the wine! Allowing Crazy Lady and her sisters to laugh the night away! Mr. Green is a great Brother-in-Law!! Nice work Katie 🙂 and the picture of the cat is perfect!!! so fitting!

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