Stepping out onto water

I would like to discuss my beliefs in this post.

Here is your fair warning:

“Warning! Katelyn is discussing her spiritual beliefs!”

~ – ~

I am a Christian. In the simplest of definitions that is someone who believes in the birth of Jesus Christ and follows His teachings. I am not about to get behind my mock pulpit here and start preaching so do not begin to eye roll and walk away. Stick with me my friends. I was raised in a Christian home, thankfully not a religious one, where my parents taught us more by example what being a follower of Christ is rather than shoving scriptures down our throats. With that said, I still learned all the Bible stories and prominent people, I just did so in a non-threatening environment. I was never forced, or browbeaten, to believe in what my parents did, encouraged certainly, but never forced.

I have held a relationship, yes a relationship, with God since… well, as long as I can remember. I was always fascinated with the love I felt from Him. I was in awe that Jesus’ purpose was to set me free. Little me. To be so accepted by Him was mind-boggling (it still is), and to be offered a salvation for my soul was enough to make me weak with gratitude. I may not have fully understood at five years old the history behind Christianity, the controversy it stirs up in this world, the different facets and denominations within the religion itself, but what I could wrap my mind around was that I was created by a God who adored me, and who wanted me to love Him as much as He loved me. That was easy enough to do.

I did not go without my moments of doubt and questioning. There would be times, especially in the dreaded years of high school, where I would stop and wonder if what everything I believed in, based my life around, was not true. Somehow I ended up with a very diverse group of friends, and unfortunately there is more than one moment I can recall where I was slightly ridiculed, or teased, about what I chose to believe in. However frustrating or hurtful it may have been at the time, I knew they weren’t open enough then to try to understand why I believed in God, in Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I also knew that Bible thumping at them would not prove anything. Instead, around my Sophomore year I made a somewhat subconscious choice that I now am very grateful for, I chose to reflect the God that I had come to know through the Bible and through my relationship by showing His understanding and love. Because ultimately above everything God created man so that He would have companionship, He created man for love. God is love.

I have held a very solid faith. Honestly I’m not sure where it came from. In college I should have had my foundation crumble beneath me. I was questioned, interrogated, mocked, and debated with on an almost daily basis. Of course I didn’t choose the easiest route either by becoming an English major, my writing often bared my soul whether I meant for it to or not. Yet through the five years of undergrad work I held true to what I believed, because through it all God was my one constant. I also have a wonderful family who I was able to lean on for support, and ask for prayer when I needed it. Through every hardship I’ve had to endure thus far in life it has been God who I have run to first, without even thinking twice.

In just the past two years I have drawn closer to Him and learned so much more. At almost 25 years old I have a more thorough knowledge on the history of Christianity, and a better understanding about why so many ridicule or shy away from it. I often find myself apologizing to people on behalf of other Christians. There is a stereotype of the judgmental, pious Christian for a reason, and unfortunately it has made a heck of a lot of damage in this world. If I do nothing more than share a glimpse of the love I’ve been able to experience, the understanding and acceptance from Him, then I would say my life was well lived. I have grown to the point where if I didn’t have my relationship, my friendship, with the Lord then I could not go through another day. Really, that has been the only thing getting me through my days as of late.

There is obviously so much more I could share. The depths really are unfathomable. I’m sure more of my doctrinal beliefs will be glimpsed throughout the numerous posts to come, but in short I believe that the Bible is the living word of God, I believe Jesus did live, and I believe that the Holy Spirit does exist. I also believe that many Christians have lost sight of what it means to be a child of God, and what our purpose is in this life. We, as humans, tend to complicate everything! Me personally, I choose to follow Christ’s example.

Most important of all, love each other deeply, because love makes you willing to forgive many sins. Open your homes to each other and share your food without complaining. 10 God has shown you his grace in many different ways. So be good servants and use whatever gift he has given you in a way that will best serve each other. 11 If your gift is speaking, your words should be like words from God. If your gift is serving, you should serve with the strength that God gives. Then it is God who will be praised in everything through Jesus Christ. – 1 Peter 4

Hopefully I didn’t receive too many eye rolls or furrowed brows. I don’t like to preach, I just like to share.

Happy first day of November!!


5 thoughts on “Stepping out onto water

  1. Katelyn, you have found the treasure that endures. Hallelujah. I am sure that your actions will speak louder than your words about the grace you are experiencing. Praying for yoy. God Bless.

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