My love for Bed

I love my bed.  I mean, I really love it. I love the comforter, I love the headboard, I love the mattress. I love lamp…

Every morning when my alarm goes off is exactly when my bed is at it’s most comfortable state. Why is that?!

When I lived with Sister Fierce and The Neph I had the third bedroom in the house, which had once been the garage, so it was huge. I made it my sanctuary. I could spend almost all day in there. My walk-in closet was like another bedroom, in my bedroom, it was a wonderful thing. I fought viciously to have that room when we moved in, I “outfierced” Sister Fierce and won. My sister thought I was quite strange because I would retreat to my room constantly. I wasn’t upset, and I wasn’t being reclusive really, I just liked the peace I had when hanging out on my bed. And there was a childproof do-dad on the doorknob that The Neph couldn’t ever figure out… that may have helped with creating some peace.

When we were in the beginning stages of potty-training my nephew felt the need to pee in the corners of my room. Hence the doorknob do-dad.

These things are brilliant!

Now I have an entire apartment that is all mine, and where do I find myself most of the time? Laying on my bed, reading, writing… or checking Facebook and WordPress. I have a table, and a couch, and a huge, newly carpeted living room to sprawl out on, but no it’s my bed that calls to me most. Maybe it’s because I don’t get to spend much time in bed that makes me love it so? We miss each other, Bed and I.

I had insomnia-like tendencies in high school, and sporadically since. So my bed was my enemy essentially. Maybe I’m just catching up on lost time now that our relationship has changed. Also, if you really think about it, a person’s bed is like the equivalent to a mother’s womb. What do they do right after you’re born? They swaddle you in blankets and stick you in a cradle. So it’s a comfort thing.

Or maybe I’m just weird. That’s probably it, but whatever, I’m continuing on.

Here are some beds I would not want to sleep in:

The second one would not work for me, I toss from side to side during my sleep like a dying fish.

Even worse, these are some things I would definitely not want in my bed:

And last, but certainly not least –

Things I would like to have:


Johnny, Billy, and I having coffee and reading books in bed – yes please!

Something completely random, (like the above hasn’t been…) growing up whenever we kids got sick we always wanted to sleep on the couch. To this day, at almost 25 whenever I’m not feeling well, which has been a lot recently, I head to the couch. When I couldn’t fall asleep at night – I headed to the couch. When I have a headache – I lay down on the couch. It’s like Crazy Lady made the couch into this mysterious healing place. So I head to the couch when I’m not feeling so hot, and to my bed when I’m feeling good.

If Johnny was on my couch though, that’s where I would be, no matter how I was feeling.

Anyway to make things short…

I love Bed. Hopefully I’ll have a day soon where I’m spending more than 5’ish hours with the poor, neglected thing.


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