Facing the weird

I think I may be inheriting some of the ‘crazy’ from Crazy Lady.

I’m headed to P-town, aka Portland, at the end of the month. I’m not sure why I called it P-town, it annoys me when people do, I need to add that to the pet peeves list. (See here.) Going to Portland is not what is crazy, it’s the fact that I’m going during Halloween. I believe that their motto of “Keep Portland Weird” will be at it’s most heightened. What might happen I have no idea… I’m not even quite sure how to prepare myself.

I will be seeing a band by the name of Balmorhea. I know, I know… you have never heard of them before. They are far from being mainstream, which means Sister Silent won’t go near them. I fear for what is to become of the music industry when I see what the teenage crowd defines as “good music.” Bieber, *shudders*, Kesha, *vomits*, Adam Levine, *mmm*… so I like some mainstream, yes it’s true. Anyway, Balmorhea (pronounced Bal-moor-ay) is more instrumental, if you are at all interested you can click the following and it will take you to “tune heaven.” It’s great writing music!

Look how happy they are!

Whilst in Portland I will drink lots of coffee, because it’s a coffee snob’s promised land. I will, of course, go to bookstores, and boutiques, and enjoy the “Fall’ness” in the city. But most of all I will get to enjoy the company of some really good friends who I do not get to see all that often. Coffee drinking and book shopping is so much better when you are with others who appreciate both.

It’s Portland during Halloween. What am I doing!? I wonder if I’ll see these people walking around the streets:

I wish I wasn’t poor. Well, doesn’t everyone? Not Adam Levine… he’s not poor. If I wasn’t so poor I would go on some massive, crazy, clothes shopping spree while in Portland. I would buy sweaters, scarves, and shoes. (That was an unintentional alliteration.) These are a few of my favorite things. It would be pretty awkward if that was all I owned. I would be pantless but happy.

Some people tell me I would thrive in Portland. I’m never quite sure how to take that. I feel my weirdness doesn’t quite reach the bar set by Portland inhabitants. I mean, I don’t look like these guys:

Props to anyone who knows those two and the show, we can now officially be friends. If you are feeling left out click the following and catch up!, you’re a couple years behind.

I want a shirt that looks like hotel drapes. Maybe I will buy one when in Portland… during Halloween.

My normal Halloween festivities have consisted of pumpkin carving with The Neph and Sister Fierce, handing out candy to all the cute little trick-or-treaters, and glaring at the teenagers that come walking up with their backpacks open. Then, of course, I would watch some type of scary movie while eating way too many leftover treats. Perhaps I’ll still carve a pumpkin this year. Perhaps that pumpkin will be a weird shaped pumpkin, and perhaps I’ll carve that weird shaped pumpkin while in Portland. Probably not.

I will find anything pumpkin flavored that I can… in Portland. Everyone is well aware of that wonderful Fall epidemic. I obviously succumbed to it already (see here).  Lattes, cookies, scones, bread, tea, oatmeal, deliciousness. But, did you know that these exist?

I think we may have gone a little overboard America. There must be a limit.

The 7 Vitamins & Minerals are hidden in the sprinkles, I’m sure.

If Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts were created in Portland then this would be where my blog post would come full circle. But they weren’t. So let’s move on to something that is created in Portland. These puppies:

Sadly though I probably will not be chowing down on any fantastic creations from Voodoo Doughnuts, while I’m in Portland… during Halloween, there isn’t going to be enough time between book buying, coffee sipping and music listening. Stop expecting the world from me people!

If I drive back home to the valley with a chunky scarf around my neck, a new pair of boots, and a stack of new literature I will be one happy woman. If I see a zombie or two while on the streets it would only be the icing on my Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tart. Whatever it is that happens I’m ready to face the weird.

After all what is made/done/lived in Oregon has to be glorious… right?

P.S. Mom (Crazy Lady) I think I found my tattoo.


5 thoughts on “Facing the weird

  1. So you are getting me all excited about your trip here… I better actually see you while you are here. And just so you know, Fred comes into my store all the time, you may have to come to work with me 🙂 oh, and please, go pantless. Its so “original”. You will be so non-mainstream.. It would be pretty awesome if I knew someone who started a new hipster trend.

    Oh, and pop-tarts.. What a joke! I may make you some pumpkin…. Something instead… ooooh, maybe pancakes? I think I’m onto something…

    1. Yes, yes.. I get it. I’m missing his birthday… apparently it’s going to be entirely lacking of any fun without me there. Argh.
      I’m pretty sure he’ll forgive me when he sees the treats I bring home for him.

  2. Shoes and I just had a long conversation about everything we miss about Portland. The list is very long. The looks shared between us were very mournful. If you see Fred and Carrie, please give them a huge hug from us. They don’t know us, so it might be awkward, but you’re a good friend, so I’ll know you’ll come through. 😉

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