So this is what it is to be…

So this is me.

My hair can’t ever fit into a picture.

Hello, it’s nice to meet you, my name is Katelyn and I am the author of this scrambled blog.

It’s bound time, I suppose, that I do a little introduction here seeing as my guests are beginning to grow even more, and are not from around these parts… or anywhere close for that matter. Who is looking at my blog from Lithuania by the way? Leave me some comments for crying out loud! Per a nudging email requesting I explain more about me and why I write what I write, I decided to do an actual posting solely about me. First thing you should know, I hate talking solely about me. 

Here I am again.

Trying to contain my hair.

Do me a huge favor and click here, let this “amazingness” play while you read the following… DO IT:

This is what you need to know about me…

“An Introduction – Katelyn Style”

I grew up in a small town, population of about 13,200. It was a rural, mountain town, a valley actually… a valley filled with Rednecks and their jacked-up trucks and awful twangy music. And I’m still here.

There she be in all her “greeness.”

I am a middle child. I grew up with one older sister, one younger brother and sister, mom, dad, grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins, cats, never a dog… well never a real dog (which I’m still bitter about). Went to college right after high school, and got a degree in English, concentration in Writing, minor in History. So I know some stuff. I also read well… so that’s always good.

The building in which I lived throughout my college career. Looks pleasant enough.

There she is in the dreaded Winter. Not so pleasant.

I love literature. I believe I could die happy if someone gave me an entire room full of books: fiction, non-fiction, creative non-fiction, memoirs, poetry, short stories, biographies, auto-biographies, cookbooks, how-to’s, graphic novels, I love them all. The printed word is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

This is what my night stand looks like now, and on any given day… the books swap out continuously.

I use humor as a tool to maneuver through life, and for the most part it works fairly well. There have been some awkward situations where it may have been a tad inappropriate, but you live and learn. I’m quick, witty, and don’t mind making fun of myself, it makes for a lethal combination.

I do not like being alone. I used to think I loved it, and there are times I need my space like everyone else, but I like having someone around. Since I have moved into a new place solo, I have had to relearn how to optimize my time when I am alone. Thus the posting again in this blog.

I make music. I’m rather obsessed with music actually. I think it’s the one form of art in this world that speaks to every soul. I find it fascinating what people can create with voices and instruments. I try to join that bandwagon as often as possible. I think I do alright.

This is where the music happens… that guitar barely gets touched.

I dream big. It can be considered a bad habit I suppose, I like to think of it as a gift from God. This, however, can turn around and bite me in the rear often. But oh well, I would rather be hopeful for what could happen in life than pessimistic. And maybe one day my dreams will actually become a reality, and I can laugh in the face of Doubt.

I love God, a lot. If you have not picked up on this by now, then I am falling down on the job here. There are times where I am confused, and hurt, and yes, even angry with Him, but I always know He is my one constant. He is so kind with me, and so loving that I am eternally grateful. I don’t like to dwell too much on where I could be in life  if it wasn’t for Him, they are scary thoughts for sure, but good reminders and a testament to His saving grace.

This is what most of my mornings look like.

And one of my all time favorite passages. Forgive the blurriness.

I work. Yes, yes I do. I have had a job since I was 15. I worked in this old 60’s drive-thru diner, for far too long, throughout high school and even into some of my college years. I also worked in the kitchen of a “high-end” restaurant here, a bed-and-bath store, and as you know from my coffee post, a coffee shop, and now recently landed a job at the local newspaper. I mean this, also, in the sense that I am the type of person who always needs something to work on or towards. Otherwise I go stir crazy. I get itchy.

The drive-thru diner, home of the Steakburgers… which are just normal hamburgers…

I love this kid, my awesome nephew, so much so it hurts! The Neph, I mention him too often in these postings, you would think he was my own. I lived with him for four years. I helped him to stand up, walk straight, say his first words, introduced Disney into his life, read him stories, sang him songs, and taught him his first catch phrase, “Let’s do this.” And from those years I learned the self-sacrificing that so naturally comes from having a little human depend on you to be there, always. I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

Smother him? Never… But seriously how could you not? Look at that sweet boy!

I want to be loved, and to love. Really, who doesn’t? But I believe the older I’m getting, the more I’m realizing this is my biggest driving force. Which is great, since God is love, and I want to be a reflection of that. I am extremely blessed with friends and family who show me love often. My hope is that I do the same for them. 

So there I am, sort of. I picked what I felt would shed some light on why I write the things that I do. I try not to pretend to be someone I’m not. I like being honest, even if it means revealing I am still naïve with certain aspects of life. I am also trying to enjoy this journey of mine, even with the occasional bump in my road. I like to learn, I like to hear stories, I like to know people, really know people. I also like to have fun, be random, and make others laugh. Hopefully with these scrambled postings I accomplish some of that.

El Fin.

Oh wait. Click here. Come on… just do it.


5 thoughts on “So this is what it is to be…

  1. Aww I love your blog Katie! Great pictures! And I loved the music you put with it! Made me feel like I was watching a short film! Love you!

  2. Very beautifully worded! You are such an amazing person and such a huge influence to so many younger people. Thank you for being you and sharing so much of your heart with all of us! By the way how do you know where your readers are from if they don’t comment?

    1. Ha! Good question! There is a map that tracks where my viewers are from… kind of creepy huh? I have a large amount from Africa too!

      Thank you for your kind words! I so appreciate the encouragement! 🙂

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