I say ‘i do’


My lovely, dear, thoughtful, kind, amazing, gorgeous, brilliant Sister Fierce got married a little over a month ago, to a charming, sweet, funny, super smart and quick-witted man who I shall dub, for the sake of this blog being so very public, Brother Godwin. And if you are reading this right now Brother Godwin, yes, yes I am very creative. (Side note: My blog is starting to sound like a mid-18th century church… “Sister so-and-so, Brother so-and-so”, this is a sign I have too many family members.) (Side, side note: Must get rid of a few family members.)

The wedding was beautiful, of course, because if anyone knows my crazy, type-A family, they know we don’t put on a shoddy affair. Ever. The weather was more than impressive, no rain, but tons of thunder as ironically Sister Fierce made her way down the aisle. I may have shed some tears, even if it were over the painful performance I had to give during the ceremony. I should have apologized to those across the park grounds who had to listen to my pitchy vocals and botchy piano playing. The reception was fun, the food was great, the people were even better. I think it was very obvious how great of people my sister and new brother-in-law are by how many (close to 400!) people came to watch them exchange their vows. I may have hugged my sister more times over the course of that day than I have over the course of my 24 years of knowing her. If I can set my sarcasm aside for two minutes, and get a little mushy here I would like to shout out how truly amazing my older sister is. She, out of anyone else I know, deserves the absolute best. She is not just called Fierce for her terrifying glares, but because of the way she approaches life, head on and without flinching. She has a strength that I greatly admire and wish to replicate, a love for others that shows itself constantly when she drops whatever she is doing to help someone else out, and a beauty that comes directly from God and the adoration she has for Him. Her sacrifices over the last 4 years have not been in vain, as well as her patience in waiting for God to rectify a devastating situation. But He did, and He went above and beyond. Now I get to enjoy watching my sister smile and relax, team up with an awesome man of God who has smoothly filled the shoes of a father to The Neph, and be treated with the respect and honor she so rightfully deserves. I am very excited to see the path/journey God takes them on, and it’s a privilege to be able to call them my family (I guess I won’t be discarding them…).

Anyhow, Katelyn got kicked out. I literally got the boot in the rear. I am now residing, on my own in a little apartment, with a claw foot bathtub. (Have to add that in there as it was a huge bonus in my eyes.) I was able to move out before the newly wedded couple came home from their (insert slight jealous tone here) honeymoon in CABO. Somehow the thought of living with a pair of newlyweds was not that appealing to me, not to mention I didn’t want to look extremely pale next to their tanned selves. Oy vey I am so pale this Summer, I blame the desk job. I may have shed more tears when moving out, and still cannot quite understand why I don’t get any visitation rights to The Neph… I probably had a harder time separating myself than he did… we shall not speak of the rather pathetic first few days back on my own. So awkward…

I have found my routine though, and I’ve enjoyed the bonuses of not living with a small child. I left a knife on the counter for the first time in four years! I also left my expensive bath products in the shower, my bedroom door wide open, and not once have stepped on a Lego or tripped over a toy. However I do miss reading bedtime stories, getting good night kisses, and waking up to cartoons.

Now onto more important things. Because I’m now a recent college graduate, truly on my own, my bank account is a little lonely as well. We agreed (my bank account and I) that cold cereal should be introduced back into our life as a staple. A lot has changed in the cereal aisle since I’ve last been truly devoted to it… like a lot of my favorites have been axed! Discontinued! Say what?! Gone forever, so sad. I would like to say goodbye to the following:

Such a pity. That last one really gets me as it made it’s frequent appearances in the cereal cupboard throughout my childhood. I’m sure I can carry on but it’s almost too much change for me to handle all at once… speaking of cereal, I believe it’s dinner time and my box of Cheerios is calling my name.

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