Ramblings of life, church, and stuff.

I have disappeared from the world it seems. Whether it was a conscious effort or not I checked out for the past couple of months, and accomplished some kind of hurried weekly routine. It consists of rushing from work to after-work activities, to bed, to work then after-work activities… such is a week of an adult I suppose. I do not like it. Nope, I don’t like it at all.

What’s the story, morning glory?  Well since you want to know, I turned one year older on the First Day of Spring last month. Holy crap I’m almost to a quarter of a century old. This 24th year of my life should bring lots of change, some of which is due to the wedding of Sister Fierce in the month of July. She’ll be having her own celebration of fireworks where they’ll be representing a commitment of healthy dependence rather than the independence of our glorious America. Hopefully the wedding is glorious otherwise that fierceness of dear Sister will rare it’s pretty head. The groom will be moving into our home and I will be leaving it. I have shed a few tears over leaving the house I’ve nested in the past few years, and I’m sure I’ll be shedding more the nearer the move-out date comes. The Neph doesn’t seem to be phased by my leaving, but I’m sure he’ll miss me once I’m not there… he will… I’m sure… yeah, he will.

How is the newspaper biz going Katelyn? Very well, thank you for asking. I shall begin my journey into book reviewing very soon after I finish the first on my list, “Memory Wall” by Anthony Doerr. Hopefully my Editor isn’t expecting some grand assessment to match those of the NY Times, but I will try my best to give an honest and humble opinion of the literature. I refuse to pretend like I am this amazing critic whose opinion holds any worth, but I will share that opinion regardless, everyone else does, right? Other than the writing I’ve been adjusting to the toxic chemical smells that leak out from the press and I’ve been playing nice with the coworkers. I am not, however, getting used to being chained to a desk for most of the day, I wander aimlessly around the building sometimes when I get a little restless. Fortunately that doesn’t compare to some of the strange things the news writers do so I don’t stand out too much.

How is worship going? Well gosh, so full of questions today aren’t you? I am still plunking away at the piano and the vocal chords for worship on Sunday mornings, not as often lately, but I have signed onto leading worship for the youth group during the week, so that has been supplementing for my weeks off on Sundays.

This topic is so touchy for me lately, and hopefully I don’t step on any toes while I continue with this. I believe the look of worship is going to change. This is not a brand new revelation for me or anything, it’s something I have felt for quite awhile. I feel like God is going to push us into a deeper intimacy with Him, however uncomfortable that makes some. I also feel that a new sound will evolve. I know how some like to cling ever so desperately to the songs they held close to their heart in the late 80’s, throughout the 90’s and early years of the 2000’s, but I feel like those songs have been drained. What I hear from the congregation is they are drained as well… I think our souls, whether we are aware of it or not, are desperate for something new and fresh. I’m excited to see where God takes this, I’m hoping it will take place soon and that everyone will embrace it when it does. I cannot express how thankful I am that I can attend a church where the pastor is so open to the Holy Spirit’s leading, something that can be taken for granted at times but shouldn’t be overlooked. Shout out to you Pastor Mitch, hey oh!

How is the fam? Oh they’re fine. Trucking along through this amazing highway of life. We carpool when it’s possible… more like we tie a rope from our bumper to Dad’s fender and let him drag us along. Shout out to you Dad, hey oh!

Oh this blog… who reads this anyway? I apologize these ramblings aren’t more in depth or inspire some trail of insightful logic to some random yet interesting topic. They are just… ramblings for today.


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