A beach trip

Sheesh, where did the time go?

I’ve neglected this blog of mine, which makes me quite sad, as it’s my only means of replicating some distant version of “creative” writing these days. I used to write complete stories, handfuls of them, gobs!, well maybe not gobs, but at least one a week. Now I just report, and sell. I traded my writer’s soul for… for… well I suppose for a consistent paycheck. Who needs milk and bread anyway? (Technically I don’t need either as I have recently been told I am allergic to both… goodbye Greek yogurt and english muffins, you will be dearly missed.)

I went on a trip with my sisters, Sister Fierce and Sister Silent, and with my mother, Crazy Lady, a couple of weeks ago to Seaside, OR. Sister Fierce had a conference for work she was required to attend, the gas and hotel were paid for, so of course the rest of us took advantage and “mooched” our way into a free trip to the beach. It was a much-needed escape out of this claustrophobic valley I live in. If you don’t get out of the mountains after Winter is over you turn into a scary, vitamin D-deprived, zombie. Luckily for us the weather was fantastic for the two days we were there. Bright and sunny, which is a miracle within itself for the Oregon Coast in January. This was our view from the hotel room:

That isn’t my photo, I didn’t bother taking a camera with me… but I felt I should share something with you.

What I really want to talk about though is not the sunshine, nor the awesomeness of the Oregon Coast’s scenery, it’s these little discs of hope I discovered along the beach. You may have come across these yourself, and think I’m ridiculous for being so excited over them, but bear with me. I’m talking about sand dollars. Crazy Lady was actually who excited me about them, she found a whole one the previous year on that very same beach. So the first night we arrived we walked along, as the tide was out, to go hunting for some whole sand dollars. Crazy Lady practically pushed me down into the sand to get to them before I could, despite this I discovered two! The entire trip I accumulated six more! 

That’s cool Katelyn, but what’s your point? 

My point is that I was in need of a gift from God. May sound a little… silly, farfetched, like “cotton-candy-Christian-fluffiness”, to some, but that was it, that was what I wanted. I needed some affirmation that this year was not going to be another year that flies by in a blur, that twists and turns its way through heightened hopes and expectations, and then plunges into, lack for better words, hot messes. When I was out on the beach with my mom and sisters I made a prayer jokingly (but seriously on the inside) that God would let me find a whole sand dollar, then I looked to my left and there was a small, but perfectly whole, fragile sand dollar. 

You can imagine now why I was so excited to find more. I think I could have spent the entire trip out on the beach sifting through sand. I felt like each one was something special from God, a promise that He would excite my life this year. Not sure how, or when, but I feel it, so I’m clinging to it. 

I love trips to the coast. I love the salty air, the sound of those roaring waves, the mist, the peacefulness that somehow you feel from the vastness of the ocean. It is always sad to leave behind because as Crazy Lady said gazing out over the balcony in one long, last look at the beach, “You know the ocean will always be here, but you don’t know if you’ll be here long enough to see it again.” And as Sister Silent said, “Way to make a beautiful moment depressing mom…” 

Now my sand dollars sit in my room, I have yet to figure out what I should do with them. It’s like the pieces of shells you find as a kid that you demand to bring home with you and then forget about days later… at least with these each time I look at them I am reminded of the delight I felt in its discovery, and the promise they represent. 


2 thoughts on “A beach trip

  1. Spray them with glitter paint and use them for Christmas tree ornaments. We have several on our tree. Have you read this before?

    Legend of the Sand Dollar

    If you examine closely you’ll see that you find here,
    four nail holes and a fifth one made by a Roman spear.

    On one side the Easter lily…in the center is the star
    that appeareth to the shepherds and led them from afar.

    The Christmas poinsettia is on the other side.
    Reminds us of His birthday…our happy Christmas tide.

    Now break the center open and here you will release.
    the five white doves awaiting to spread good will and peace.

    This simple little symbol Christ left for you and me…
    to help us spread His gospel through all eternity.

    1. I have read this! I was debating about putting it in my post, but didn’t want it to be any longer. I’m glad you posted it as a comment though, thank you! 🙂

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